Agbo? Our mystical Yoruba potions. No one really knows what’s in it, but no continental Yoruba can claim never to have drank agbo or been bathed in it as a baby. In fact, people of other ethnic nations within the country  Nigeria and beyond  also partake in  Yoruba agbo faithfully, and all live to tell of its powers. What we do know is that  every agbo is said to be made up of many powerful flora , fungi and flora of the tropical Yoruba forests, and some may contain alcohol as a preservative. Unsurprisingly more and more , European science finds itself agreeing with Yoruba science

For example, certain medicinal journals  are  hailing the powers of a mushroom family known to Yoruba science for thousands of years called Akufodewa, scientific name  Phallus Indusiatus.



Our Akufodewa, so christened because its putrid odour reminiscent of a decaying animal attracts hunters, has been found to trigger orgasms in women. Apparently a whiff of it sent a group of women in the study into throes of orgasm….

The study by the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms explained: ‘There are significant sexual arousal characteristics present in the fetid odour of this unique mushroom.

‘These results suggest that the hormone like compounds present in the volatile portion of the spore mass may have some similarity to human neurotransmitters during sexual encounters.’


Traditional  medicine practitioners including the Chinese and Hawaian folk use the mushroom  to treat many inflammatory, gastric, and neural diseases, coughs, dysentery, enteritis and even leukemia. predictably is a bit leery about the aphrodisiac claims “While Halliday’s study is certainly intriguing, it’s somewhat short of representing a rigorous scientific standard: it’s a single, decade-old study that was conducted with a very small sample group and published in a minor journal, one which has not since been replicated or vetted by other researchers in the scientific community.”





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