jurrasic ripples cup of water
Can you feel the aftershocks in your area? Are those tiny ripples in your cup of water? What’s that deep rumbling noise? You can’t hear it?! The spiritual realm 0f Yoruba deities judders as the supernatural titans clash!

Or maybe it’s just the Ifa and Orisa devotees of the Yoruba Traditional Religion  clashing….. In which case we ( and our cups of water ) are safe, because though very passionate, time and events have proven the followers of the Yoruba Traditional Religion in the diaspora and in the homeland ,to be not only tolerant but also leaders in non aggressive resistance,  so there will be no pillaging, crusading or heaping of scorn on others’ beliefs….How is that for a peaceful religion?

But Supremacy battles being part and parcel of the current Yoruba political structure, ( Professor Anthony Asiwaju explains the genesis of the Royal Squabbles ) the Yoruba religion is not exempt from some Oduduwa-esque/Orunmila-esque drama.

What’s the problem? “….when you are reading Ikin ifa, with whom are you talking if you are not talking to Olodumare?

While some Yoruba Traditional Religion faithfuls believe that Olodumare talks to mankind through Ifa – this post  which quotes our most enchanting  Iyalorisha for example talks about how Ifa is the connector of Olodumare to mankind – others will go to great lengths to show that it is  Orunmila and the Orisas who talk to mankind through Ifa. Occasionally these two ( or three or maybe more? ) factions within the religion do meet to disagree, sometimes on online forums or social media. The debates, always courteous , are lively and very interesting to new faithfuls or bystanders. A lot of history , oral traditions and mysticism are brought up to bolster or counter each argument.

So no Jurassic rumble, but you can watch the elders give their own sides as to which is older , Erindilogun or Ikin;  who is the senior, Obatala or Orunmila; and also answer the important question  “when you are reading ikin ifa, with whom are you talking if you are not talking to Olodumare?” Also discover a new yoruba traditional myth or two and make your own mind up. A short excerpt of the video by Paula Gomes , Cultural Ambassador of Alaafin of Oyo above.

As to who is correct? No idea…Really, it must be time for a Yoru-Bible which will layout the various differences, the divergence points etc, and which will aim to bring the various schools of belief together. Not to mention make it a lot less confusing for new (re)converts and any interested parties.

Ire o!



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