Did you miss any of these?

Videos from the Ooni’s tour as it continues through the USA. Today He will be in Philadelphia attending the Odunde Festival as Special Guest of Honour

Ooni and his entourage walk across ( from his hotel?) to the United Nations headquarters


Ooni being prayed for in Hilton, New Jersey


Yoruba tradition, Ooni and his Olori


Praise singers announcing the Ooni



UPDATE: In case you were wondering why the Ooni is being covered by the Emese in the third video… Here’s another video to explain why The Ooni ( and the Olori) are sometimes covered up in a circle of the Emese’s agabdas.

And now, you know, LOL…





2 thoughts on “America Is Treated To Yoruba Traditional Splendour (Videos)

  1. I really do enjoy the Onis video shoots, my mother was a native of Ile Ife, nee Towobola, ile Lakoro , i was raised/schooled in Ife, left Ife 1979. So you can see , i remember my mum this morning with great affection and what the beautiful tradition stands for. Please continue to enlighten the new generation.

    1. awww…Im glad the videos touched you and brought back good memories. It’s good to find ways to keep our links with Yoruba land strong, for those of us outside the shores. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon for more pics and videos. Ire o!

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