Adire Heritage Festival is on a Whistle  Stop Tour of the world!  See where it is launching next after the upcoming  6th August 2016 event to be held  in London .

Adire. Photo credit: Olaniyan Ishola Olushola

Adire, our Yoruba indigo dyed fabric  is an inherited cultural root and heritage that has been passed from generations, maintained in the present for the benefit of future generation amongst the Yoruba  people of the West African country Nigeria.
Adire heritage festival is a brand initiative of Iroko Award and prestige TV international. These are European based event and communication companies which based its interest in fostering and promoting the African culture, heritage and values to the African people in Diaspora. The idea behind the festival is to actively encourage the spirit of oneness and patriotism even as they showcase the elegance of the African art and culture in their every events.


Adire Photo credit : John Gillow
Adire Photo credit : John Gillow

Around the world Adire has be seen in people of different races and color as predominate, it has become the norms, a widely accepted choice of fashion, art, value, craft, and has brought about a huge and globally appreciated legacy of fashion , physical artifacts and intangible attributes which its influence is apparent.


The last Adire Festival held in Austria 
In the festival of fashion, in the festival of birthrights, in the commemoration of our heritage, an event which has seen the light of day in the European city of Austria, which attracted Africans and lovers of African fabrics from different walks, lovers of fashion and culture loving men and women; where we told our stories in myths and tales, the women untied their IRO as the men spread their AGBADA as we vibrantly and energetically twist our waist and whine our bodies to the rythms of the talking drum of GANGAN. Where we had a reminder, lecture, an awakening and an expression of the African beauty and perfections, our elegant nature was set loose even as we were lost in awe of the moment and took delight in our highly colorful and dazzlingly designed Adire textiles.

Photo credit: Deola Sagoe, Adire technique on silk fabric
Photo credit: Deola Sagoe, Adire technique on silk fabric

We dazzled in our maxi skirts, our jewelries, we showcased gorgeously both on the runaway and in the festival precessions, Brilliantly done Adire fabrics, manufactured into handbags, shoes, swim wears, interior materials, school bags and countless more. Nigeria is up next.

Photos from the Adire Heritage Festival held in Austria below:

So come one, come all there will be lots of things to do , see and buy – Exhibition, Fashion show, Bazaar, Hair show, Pageants, Concert, Lectures, Awards, Kids play houses etc
Come and patronise African made products as we create  awareness for locally made African fabrics and arts, while showcasing the beauty and sustainability in African texiles

If you are an  art practitioner, beauty practitioner, fashion designer, carver, dances, singer, Lover of life and nature, BE THERE.


The proposed venue is National Museum Onikan Lagos, there is adequate security and the location is central for attendance.

The Adire Heritage Festival is set to hold from the 15th -17th of September, 2016.

See you there.





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