This video is making the rounds on the internet. It shows the “recently” crowned Oluwo of Iwo dancing to the tune of  his royal music makers presumably early in the morning because as I understand it the Obas are awoken to Royal music every morning of their lives.

He dances well,  the joy and enjoyment shows on his face and it is a pleasing video to watch, so I personally like the video.

However, it has left Kabiyesi open to all sorts of ( well deserved?)  derisory comments.  Some folks feel this is not behavior becoming of an Oba and  others even question his sobriety…. Worse still, Ifa’s wisdom in choosing him has also been sullied by people who have little love for the traditional ways. Haaaa!

Anyway, what did his  Jamaican Olori have to say about this display?  Rumours are that she was away on a short vacation out of Iwo. Hmmmm…..Don’t stay away too long Yeyelua…


Pictures of the Oluwo in more stately poses.




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