Òrun Aiyê, directed by Jamile Coelho and written by Cintia Maria, is  a stop-motion animated film  that tells a candomble version of the Yoruba creation story with themes of envy, courage, and love.

The trailer below has been released on Youtube . Looking forward to the  full film coming soon….. More and more of us are taking to animation to document our versions of the Yoruba Creation Story, and this is very exciting!




Another inspiring video of a stage presentation of the Yoruba Creation Story below- Um Quê de Negritude – Lenda Yorubá / Criação do Mundo (Espetáculo Zumbi: Amor e Liberdade) Full video with Portuguese narration on Youtube

“What one of Negritude – Legend Yoruba / Creation of the World (Zumbi Show: Love and Freedom)”



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