I don’t know if there’s an English word for the feeling one gets when dressed in full Yoruba traditional attire. It goes beyond bursting with pride. There’s also a sense of wellbeing, completeness, belonging, self assurance. You are at one with your history and your people. In a way , wearing the  Aso Oke gele or fila that our ancestors wore thousands of years before, connects us with them. There is power in that connection. Your spirit shouts “I’m wearing the clothes my ancestors wore!! We don’t die, we multiply!!”


 We derive  energy from our perception of the clothes we wear. It’s why some of us spend so much on designer  shoes, bags etc. Full traditional outfit with Aso Oke gele, fila, iro,agbada, buba is impractical for daily modern uses, otherwise we’d love to wear it all day long and feel really on top of the world as we sweep into the office in the morning! So come Monday, we wear tee shirts, suits, jeans, trainers, dresses etc with a little less joie de vivre. But good business ideas are borne out of trying to solve a problem and more and more  fashion designers are trying to bring that “I am wearing the clothes my ancestors wore” feeling  to wearing regular (Western) clothing.  


Tunde Owolabi  is one such problem solver and he told CNN,

Ethnik’s sneakers, bags and smartphone cases are a way for their customers to connect with their heritage through fashion, “

“We are creating a movement of people who want to identify themselves with where they are from.”

The hand-weaving technique has been passed down from generation to generation, a tradition Owolabi hopes his venture will help revive.

“It’s all about sustaining and reinventing the culture and making sure that it doesn’t die.”

Exactly! And looking & feeling royal  at the same time. I’m in! 

Have a happy 2017 everyone and thanks for sticking with us up till now!!  I love everyone of my blog fans and subscribers whether you like, comment, share or not 🙂 Whatever your style- regular commenter, occasional dissenter, looking for Yoruba info, just enjoy reading about Yoruba culture, people and news, you’re welcome and hope to see more of you in 2017 . Aseyi samodun o!!




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