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Astonishing Aso Oke

Designer Seyi Amao.

Aso Oke , handwoven on looms in Western Nigeria, beloved indigenous fabric of  the Yorubas, is twisted,  clipped, stitched and glued into fabulous hats

The Sissy Remi collection  is made up of different types of Aso Oke and Fabric including Etu, Takunsi, Silk Aso Oke and Chiffon.

Eye catching, colourful , contemporary designs all  made with Aso Oke. The woman’s a genius!
























Designer: @sissyremi01
Models: @fluxarts7, @adaeze_e
Photography: @stylesquadng
Makeup: Alheri Adamu for @stylesquadng
Location: @studio24lagos



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