It was reported that  charges had been brought  against His Majesty The Oluwo of Iwo , and a warrant issued for his arrest  


Since then  Oba Akanbi  has responded by saying  he himself  would issue a “traditional warrant arrest” against the Magistrate.

Saying “as a king I too have traditional warrant of arrest I can invoke against the Magistrate.”

Channels TV said Oba Akanbi  denied  knowledge of the bench warrant of arrest against him, and tasked traditional rulers not to sit back and see the insult on Oluwo as only his predicament but to speak up against it because of its implication on the traditional institution.

 “Because somebody or some people somewhere do not like my guts they are making use of an available tool to do their bidding. But I don’t care and I want them to know I can not be intimidated and harassed by anybody. I got so many jobs to do for my people and I would not tolerate any distraction.

“They are certainly envious of my selfless service to the people of Iwo and its environs but that is their headache, not mine. They are desperate, using the idle hands and those without integrity to carry out their diabolical plans. Allah is the greatest and all of us are mere mortals.

“I don’t have any skeleton in my cupboard the detractors just want to drag the name of the Oluwo of Iwoland in the mud. I don’t even involve myself in land matters or sale of lands. I don’t even have a private house other than the palace. My utmost priority is the wellbeing of my people.

“I have spent my personal money to rehabilitate disused courts in Iwoland. I toil day and night for progress of my town. The magistrate and the Oba in question are being paid and sponsored by detractors and this is the price I’m paying for success and great fame”.

Kabiyesi has spoken, and I believe him.

But controversy does seem to trail him...



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