2 thoughts on “Yoruba Cakes

  1. AGO!!!!
    The recipes and aesthetics of those cakes are European, all this has nothing to do with our Ancestors. This is a submissive behavior from us to the massive oppression from the “colonizers”. We have this in Brazil too, in some spiritual houses. To create cakes honoring specific Orixa'(Orisa), to display on a table(as show off) and to offer to the public. I also witness when cakes are offered to the waters. Oh! I felt and thought: “since when is healthy those ingredients into the water? The fish will eat this, we and other animals will drink the water”!!!!!. This is horrible. I do not like at all. The diets are not us humans who eat so much sugar, flours, yeast, salt, etc and get sick and get obsessive going to detox diets.
    The are so much creativity, beauty and healthy among the cultures of our African Ancestors, we just need to continue to dig deep and listen their voices on us.
    Isaura Oliveira

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