The process of introducing sanity into the structure of Aborisa Ifa Isese titles and community has finally begun. And not a day too soon.  Many complaints had been aired on social media before,  about how white South Americans with no love for their fellow black South Americans (racism is rife in Cuba, Brazil, etc) were coming to Yorubaland in droves with wads of dollars in their fists to buy high sounding Ifa and Orisa titles with which they lord over the (mostly lower income) black Aborisa folk in South America! Thankfully Alaafin has taken the bull which previously rampaged unchecked through Osogbo and Oyo unchecked, by the horns.

So, this Facebook post came up a few days ago to much criticism and outrage . Look, the new “Oba” wears a beaded crown and carries an “official” staff! These are only permitted to be worn by top class Obas in Yorubaland after rigorous investigations and initiation procedures…


Complete with certificate, the temple “coronating” him had a small celebration and took photos. Interesting…


The outrage!

It rolled on and on for days on and off social media. Continental and Diaspora Yorubas traded words. Some questioned the new “Oba’s” skin colour. What is galling for the many diaspora Aborisa is that these newly crowned initiated white South Americans discriminate seriously against black South America, and also treat the “coronation committees” in Yorubaland with thinly veiled disdain. But the elebi homeland Ifa Aborisa temples performing these illegal activities don’t care so long as they get the dollars…


Some questioned the “title” Oba Ifa of South America. I mean, the WHOLE of South America? Sounds a bit greedy… And what is an Oba Ifa anyway, Lol…


The diaspora Aborisa community were very vocal against this man’s “coronation”. Some are so sick of this practice, they are calling that only BLACK people of African heritage should be welcomed into Global Orisa Ifa community



Homeland Yorubas were also disgusted



The new “Oba’s” character was called into question 




The slamming got so bad that the”Oba Ifa of South America” himself joined a thread to speak up in his own defence


He was was supported by a white South American who made the valid point that you can’t accept a white person as client (accept his money etc) only to later discredit everything you sold to them


The money exchange issue came up repeatedly



Finally the Alaafin put a stop to it. If the Ooni as High Priest won’t take action, then the Alaafin as Ruler of Oyo Empire must. One Baba Olosun it is said has been given authority as bounty hunter of all bad intentioned characters visiting Yorubaland as culture vultures with only monetary gain and domination on their minds, AND ALSO  offending Ifa Orisa temples performing illegal coronations and initiations  . That’s a good development to be handled wisely because while some people are buying titles, some are selling. Both sides are guilty. . Let the Aborisa Ifa Isese community decide and speak with one voice henceforth on matters such as 1) Race 2) Sexuality 3) Hierarchy 4)Initiation tenure required and 5) Initiation investigations and references required . Abi?



Mr. Francivan Leoa Nobre Ifatowo Adebayo

Sr. Francivan Leoa Nobre Ifatowo Adebayo

Mr. Francivan Leoa Nobre Ifatowo Adebayo

I am directed by His Majesty Oba (Dr.) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, The Alaafin of Oyo, with the legal attributions granted to him, in order to prevent the possibility of future problems, and with the purpose of informing the Public, that the present case of a nebulous Chieftaincy Title must be clarified in order to preserve human dignity.
It is very unfortunate, that the IJO IFA ADIMULA (IFA TEMPLO) OYO, situated in N. 14, Ola Compound, Bara Road, Oyo, Nigeria has being polluting traditional religious acts in illegal activities.
Thus this release reconfirms that the title OBA IFA ADIMULA OF SOUTH AMERICA, purportedly given on the 8th of April 2017 by IJO IFA ADIMULA is OFFICIALLY INVALID. Furthermore, The Religious Council of Alaafin responsible for IFA is represented by the High Chief ONALEMOLE Faniyi Oyebamiji Alagbe Aborode Ogunnike was not aware of such title; secondly the Oluwo Ifatoki Akangbe hasn’t been as well informed of such activities, being his signature in the CERTIFICATE Forged.
Any traditional group in Oyo town, which is not under the Religious Council of the Alaafin is not recognized.
With the Highest Esteem

Sr. Francivan Leoa Nobre Ifatowo Adebayo

Eu sou dirigido por Sua Majestade Oba (Doutora) Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, O Alaafin de Oyo, com as atribuições legais que lhe são outorgadas, a fim de evitar a possibilidade de problemas futuros e com a finalidade de informar o Público que o presente caso de um nebuloso Título tradicional deve ser esclarecido a fim de preservar a dignidade humana.

É muito lamentável que o IJO IFA ADIMULA (IFA TEMPLO) OYO, situado no N. 14, Ola Compound, Bara Road, Oyo, na Nigéria, esteja a poluir actos religiosos tradicionais em actividades ilegais.
Assim, esta versão reconfirma que o título OBA IFA ADIMULA DE AMÉRICA DO SUL, supostamente dado em 8 de abril de 2017 pelo IJO IFA ADIMULA é OFICIALMENTE INVÁLIDO. Além disso, O Conselho Religioso do Alaafin responsável por IFA é representado pelo Alto Chefe ONALEMOLE Faniyi Oyebamiji Alagbe Aborode Ogunnike que não foi informado de tal título; Em segundo lugar, o Oluwo Ifatoki Akangbe não foi tambem informado de tais actividades, sendo a sua assinatura no CERTIFICADO forjada.
Qualquer grupo tradicional na cidade de Oyo, que não está sob o Conselho Religioso do Alaafin não é reconhecido.
Com a maior estima



12 thoughts on “Outrage! Oyinbo Oba of South America Renounced by Alaafin

  1. I am glad that the Alafin of Oyo have voided this fake title.I also would like to see him taking action on the people that are selling those title.Punishment should be so strong that discourage once and for all this practice.

  2. I sincerely don’t know what this world is turning into ! Because of money, even here in Nigeria, ” omo alagbafo” (son of a washerman to a royal family) has been able to “buy” his way to the royalty of a kingdom in Yorubaland ! Even there are cases in courts, challenging the “enthronements” of people without royal blood into the royal stools of some kingdoms in Yorubaland !

  3. i just repeat my older post on a simular matter on this BIG MESS… WEARING A CROWN DOES NOT MAKE ONE A KING…………………. I agree 100%, and i am oyinbo myself. Money can`t buy wisdom and iniciation doesn`t make someone a babalawo /Iyanifa or baba/iyalorisha. BUT, there are the ones, (who mostly doesn`t even speak Yoruba apart of repeating some prayers and greetings) who see a market in Ifa/Orisa lifestyle. I noticed that in allmost all controversal discussions on social media about the differences of traditional Ifa and diasporal Ifa, it is the whites who argue most and loudly, taking strict position in one of this brances. And it is not about understandment and unity, it is about seperation, it is about market!!!! …and, of course, as more money they have spent on buying titles and information as more they will charge to “help”the ones they are “initiating”. Ifa is not about color, but it is of black heritage like all humans originally are of black heritage because the “original” human is black. SO THE WHITE HUMAN SHOULD BE THANKTFULL, HUMBLE AND RESPECTFULL, IF HE GET`S THE CHANCE TO RECONNECT WITH THE SOURCE OF HUMANITY AND NATURE, …ESPECIALLY AFTER ALL WHAT HIS “MUTATED RACE” HAS DONE AND STILL DOES TO THE “ORIGINAL PEOPLE”. HE HAS TO ACCEPT THAT HE CANNOT BE RULER NOR LEADER OF A TRADITION WHERE HE WAS NOT BORN INTO. Aboru, Aboye, Abosise

  4. I’m new to the African spirituality but I Love it but allowing some one from European decent just doesn’t sit right with my soul…I had to sacrifice few bills in order to have my hand of orumila reading…it seem like we’re heading back to the same path that lead us in to slavery…please let me know if I’m wrong

    1. I see your point. The thing is there are some who are also descended from Africans though they look more European. They feel African and relate with Yoruba Whether they tick white or black box on censuses is not known but they have some Yoruba ancestry. Can they be denied the right to be initiated ? Where would the line be drawn?

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