He looks white, he lives in America, but he probably speaks Yoruba better than you.

We are a bit used to Oyinbo learning Yoruba language by now, Titilola Oyinbo broke the mould on that . But here is a man who  hasn’t stopped at just learning Yoruba language, he is also immersed in his daily life, in Ifa religion. Seemingly there is no aspect of Aborisa that he is not versed in . Especially the Yemoja and/or Osun. Is Yemoja a river or sea goddess ? That’s one of his favourites.

He definitely knows more about Ifa and Aborisa religion than most of us.

He told Red Carpet Films about himself a while ago.

Watch the video below. His vocabulary, tone , context etc – flawless!



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2 thoughts on “Who exactly is Baba Nathan Lugo and why does he love Ifa so much?

  1. Language is only a instrument of communication.The fact that this guy has master the yoruba is equal to a person that goes to a language school and master French,Germany,Latin o any other language.
    It break my heart to see the way this guy is treated in Yoruba Land.
    Some of the people that are hanging around with him are missing the point that :Our ancestor were slaves and his ancestor were the masters.
    I realize that time changes but this guy can not even get close to a place were I am doing or participating in a ceremony.

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