Why indeed!  This about sums it up ! To those who say the Yorubas party too much, Bamidele Ademola-Olateju has this response!

On The Yoruba and Party Culture.


I buy Aso-ebi depending on my relationship with the celebrant and if it is affordable. I won’t buy outrageously priced stuff. It is ingrained in my Yoruba culture and I love it. It is a free world. Those who do not like our party culture have the freedom to express their dislike or disdain. However, their freedom should not extend to berating us for exercising our own preference. By the way, we have started exporting that culture all over Nigeria and across the African continent. The coolers of rice and orisirisi testifies to this. Even Babangida’s daughter sat under engagement canopy invented for Yoruba traditional wedding.

Party culture has economic, social, cultural and political value chain. That is why it is a $5billion industry and growing. It has created jobs for caterers, decorators, event planners, security outfits, cleaners, cake couturiers, make-up artists, clothiers and so on.

I am a party rider! I was created to celebrate. I want and I enjoy every opportunity to celebrate. I don’t want to mourn. What other avenues of happiness exists in Nigeria? Whoever wants to stay fixated on how wasteful it is to party can do so. Some of us do not measure our successes by the fatness of our bank account. We have other indices by which we measure ourselves. I am a social being and I socialize at all levels and seek every opportunity to further experiential socializations.

I love parties for the conviviality, the sense of kinship, the aroma of food, the light-hearted​ banters, the fashion parade, the spectacle of gyrating bodies, the absurdity of some appearances…the generality of things. I love that I have to go into the party venue in heels with the gait of a Praying Mantis and walk back to my car holding my shoes in one hand and the gele tied with plenty money on another. I enjoy having to hold my breath for every photograph and fix my smile for the duration. I enjoy these self inflicted pains and I will repeat it every weekend if I have to.

May it never happen that I will not be able to show up among my peers, family and friends. I am a party rider! Ogbologbo Omo Yoruba. Say something else please! 


Legend has it that in some old dictionary , Yorubas are defined as “the merry making people of West Africa”!

Owambe, Aso Ebi,elaborate traditional weddings all started their Nigerian/West African life among the Yorubas, even creating spin off industries like the glossy society magazines and later,  blogs. We wear our Party Champion badges proudly. Even those of us who don’t tend to attend that many…. 🙂


Are you Yoruba? Do you love parties or hate them? 




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