The saga continues!

First,  it was exposed that someone had been crowned in Oyo as Oba Ifa Adimula of South America, and Alaafin responded swiftly

Then,   Alaafin tried to restore some order

Then! Araba Elebuibon appeared to resist

And now…..

Alaafin of Oyo Oba Adeyemi



The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba [Dr.] Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi , at the second graduation ceremony of the UNESCO approved Ifa Heritage Institute established in Oyo town,  reportedly referred to  


” his unguarded utterance and meddlesomeness in the activities of Oyo traditional religion, especially the Ifa divination.”


Presumably, Kabiesi was talking about Araba Elebuibon, at least that’s how certain media outlets reported it.



A little while back in an address he gave, Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon,  had appeared to defend the actions of the priests Ikusanu Faleye, Fasola Olaniyan and Olaniyan Awoyemi,  stating  that they are notable babalawo in Oyo town, and not fake priests.

Appearing to put Alaafin in his place in  the grand scheme of Ifa matters  Araba Elebuibon said,


“In Ifa practice, the title of Araba/Oluawo of a town which is the highest in Ifa religion is the only title conferred on a babalawo by the oba on a consensus priest presented by the Ifa community of that town and the king exercises authority over his domain’’.


‘’These priests represent an Ifa Temple in Oyo town. From the ages, Ifa priests have the prerogative to handle some matters without the express permission of the Obas. So, the Obas also have some prerogative and rights exclusive to him without informing Ifa priests. However, there are many other matters that require synergy between Ifa priests and the obas for peace and tranquility in the society’’.



In his speech Kabiyesi  Alaafin Oba Adeyemi  a few weeks afterwards said ,

‘’it is widely known that Oyo town was the capital of one of the greatest African Empires. As such, it was directly responsible for the diffusion of Yoruba Culture, traditions and beliefs throughout West Africa, covering a large territory that extended from the Southwest Nigeria to Benin, Togo, up to Ghana. This same cultural heritage was later on diffused through the transatlantic slave routes to the Americas and the Caribbean and preserved from generation to generation to date’’.

The crux of the matter appears to be the location of the act.  Oba Ifa Adimula was “crowned’ in Oyo, Araba Elebuibon is chief priest in Osogbo, Osun state.

Hence Alaafin’s words supposedly about Araba Elebuibon

” his unguarded utterance and meddlesomeness in the activities of Oyo traditional religion, especially the Ifa divination.”


We are still trying to accommodate the wranglings of Obas for supremacy, no one has thought that Ifa priests also should be taken into consideration regarding the hierarchy of Yoruba traditional authority.

While all these subtle word jousting is going on, the young babalawos are running rampant selling titles to anyone with a few dollars, and plaguing foreigners’ inboxes with all manner of suggestions and unrecognisable untraditional objects for sale. Where will this all end?






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