There’s  a  multiplayer video game called Overwatch with over 30 million users , featuring  different aspects of Orisa in its theme including a character named Orisa ,Yoruba body painting as represented by Laolu Senbanjo, and colour references to Sango and Yemoja.

The video game released last year by Blizzard Entertainment  can be played on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Windows.

The Orisa theme centres around a game character Doomfist, also known as Akande Ogundimu, he  has a ‘skin’ called Irin , Yoruba for metal and also bears some Yoruba body painting. The game focusses a lot on collecting ‘skins’.

Yoruba deities as features on a video game…. I suspect there’s  a sector of Yoruba diaspora that this might infuriate, personally I’m always pleased to see my culture on the world stage in positive forms. Even when there’s a slight error now and then…

A happy gamer tweets his feelings about Doomfist’s Yoruba features. His twitter handle is @EscoBlades if you would like to correct him about Red and Ogun 🙂




Akande Ogundimu aka Doomfist’s skins in full colour below:

Overwatch game character Doomfist in Yoruba body painting sking
Featuring Laolu Senbanjo Yoruba body painting
Doomfist in Irin skin
Doomfist in Irin skin
Doomfist in Avatar red skin
Doomfist in Avatar red skin


Doomfist in Spirit blue skin
Doomfist in Spirit blue skin



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