It is a good work of animation and I can’t wait for the full version. However , Orisa animations are not a new thing in the Global Yoruba world. Diaspora Yorubas have been long in that sphere it has to be said, so therefore this really is not groundbreaking. Comics on Orishas , and other various forms of animation will soon begin to fight for space.

Whats new is the acceptance and applause the story of Sango received among the so called Nigerian elites  . The video was shared on Facebook and shared on Whatsapp  and shared via email with nary a “Blood of Jesus!” tag. At least those that sent it my way seemed very excited and none was concerned about going to Hell for promoting their traditional deity.

And that’s a step in the right direction for us homeland  so called elites, the converted Pentecostal and forehead bumping on the ground Yorubas.


Here is the video by Kommotion Studios if it hasn’t found it’s  way to your inbox yet. More grease to their elbows….



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