Our Yoruba Prayer for the New Year With Peregun Leaf (Audio)


In  English:

As Peregun increases in foliage every year, Olodumare renew my garments yearly too.


Yoruba prayers enjoin the forces of nature as we believe everything  has its own energy and path to the Creator.  This prayer seeks the nature granted the peregun plant for yearly replenishment , to be replicated in our lives.

It goes beyond the outer clothing and refers also to spiritual garments, health , accomplishments, everything that has value in one’s life is prayed to be replenished yearly.

So in this new year 2018 , may all your grace and good fortune, health and wealth, even your wardrobe , be replenished, just like peregun’s yearly foliage.


Peregun leaf



In Yoruba:

Odo’dun ni  peregun n ruwe, Odo’dun ni ki nma da aso tuntun 


Pardon the lack of ami yoruba accents in Yoruba version above, I’ve not learned how to use Yoruba Keyboard app on the Mac with a physical keyboard yet. But we have the audio of the prayer below to make up for that so you can hear the prayer as it is recited (with a little bit of explanation from Baba Ajagun)




Peregun is a plant that is used in Yoruba custom for spiritual purposes. Apart from the  Iwefa cleansing ceremony, it is used also by the the West African and diaspora branches of Yoruba spirituality for many different purposes.


“The worshippers of some deities, also demarcate the shrines and groves where they worship such deities with some peculiar plants, which all people within and around such communities, have learnt to use to identify such shrines and groves. One notable example of such plants is Dracaena. (Yoruba:Peregun).”- PLANT BIODIVERSITY OF NIGERIA AND OUR RELIGIONS AND CULTURES IN A CHANGING WORLD: Dr. Ayo Fatubarin


Baba Ajagun explained the prayer is used normally as part of the Iwefa cleansing ceremony. Only Babalawos can perform Iwefa, but anyone can pray these prayers at home as part of their own spiritual routine.







Baba Ajagun

Ajagun Herbs, Ile Ase Ajagun,

65 Ilode Street

Ile Ife

Osun State 




[email protected]




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