If the wall is not cracked, a lizard cannot enter the house

“Bí ògiri ò bá la’nu, Aláàngbá ò lè wọ̀ọ́”.

From time to time we have heated discussions on Yoruba history to name and shame Yoruba’s in history whose actions and inactions contributed to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. We note that if we fail to do this, we risk eternally repeating the rash actions that destroyed our fathers in the yesteryears.

Hausa celebrations of the latest Fulani Islamic outpost in Yorubaland



Islam had been in Yorubaland centuries without aggravation, before the infamy of Dan Foddio, the 18th Century leader of the ethno-political Islamic movement . This movement  recognized only Fulani rulers and promoted murder, arson, slave raiding, etc. to ensure the sovereignty of a Fulani man over native populations under the guise of Islamization.

Even native rulers professing Islam were not safe from this scourge- the Mai of Bornou was attacked;  Solagberu, an Oyo Moslem who was the ruler of Oke Suna was murdered by them too despite being their ally in the subjugation of Yoruba land.



Aláàfin Lawal Agogoòjà was a Muslim, so also was Mohammadu Latoosha, the Aàrẹ Ọ̀nà Kakaǹfò, who was reported to stop, perform ablution, and pray the Muslim way even in the thick of battle! There was also Abeeb Ọlágúnjú, the Tìmì of Ẹdẹ (The first Muslim Oba in Yoruba land).

These are Muslims of note who made history, preserving our cherished culture and independence with their blood without compromising their religion or selling out to the invaders.



After getting a foothold in Ilorin, the Fulanis tried to continue on the march to the sea. They depended on sellouts among the Yorubas and Ìwó was very handy to them, the war which caused the displacement of the Modakeke people to Ife was caused by an Ìwó man who point out weak and poorly defended Yoruba towns to the Fulanis. This single act of treachery caused the death and enslavement of thousands of Yoruba men, women, and children in the Ife/Modakeke crisis from the 1800s till 2005!!!

Rasheed Akanbi


Moving to current times , the  “new crack in the wall” , the Ìwó man in question is Rasheed Akanbi, a Canada returnee turned Olúwo of Iwo land ( crowned king of Iwo)  who has been parading himself as “Emir” of Yorubaland, offering to help the Fulani in the conquest they lost to our fathers and stating very flimsy reasons.

Rasheed is said to have taken this rash decision for pecuniary motives like getting oil blocs for himself from the Fulanis and begging Gulf countries for handouts in the name of the Iwo people!

If there is any history to be proud of, relived in the present, and perpetrated to the future, it shouldn’t be one of someone in a liaison with the enemies to destroy his own siblings and his Fathers’ heritage.

History should guide our footsteps so as not to repeat mistakes of the past, right the wrongs, and perpetrate the good deeds and achievements of our forebears.

How should Yoruba’s seal this crack in the wall?


  • Akinade Owoade



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