The Yoruba Blues

 Authentic Adire hand  dyed the traditional way, uses patterns which denote things like peace, celebration, wealth, success, crossroads and many more subtle meanings. Its been termed  an "unspoken language". Jamaican Lucille Junkere  travelled to Yorubaland for an immersive experience

Is it time for an Adire Patent?

There are apparently Ifa verses relating to the creation of our Hand Dyed Adire Indigo technique, Our ancestors made and wore Adire , first dyeing indigenous fabric like kijipa with indigo dye from homegrown  plants, and later dyeing wants you to know

It's one of the most iconic Adire patterns, the osupa (moon) or cycle of life pattern, modelled below as part of Ade Bakare's Ready to Wear collection. The Osupa (moon) pattern or Cycle of Life pattern is created by

Astonishing Aso Oke

Designer Seyi Amao. Aso Oke , handwoven on looms in Western Nigeria, beloved indigenous fabric of  the Yorubas, is twisted,  clipped, stitched and glued into fabulous hats The Sissy Remi collection  is made up of different types of Aso Oke

Yoruba Red Stone Beads

  Red stone bead making was a craft of the people of  Old Oyo. Jasper , Agate or Chalcedony stone was quarried by  the Hausa and traded  at Ilorin in exchange for cloth and garments .     The Yoruba bead makers would fashion