Who Put The Orisa In A Video Game?

There's  a  multiplayer video game called Overwatch with over 30 million users , featuring  different aspects of Orisa in its theme including a character named Orisa ,Yoruba body painting as represented by Laolu Senbanjo, and colour references to Sango

Ifa Priest and Grammy Winner

Tickets go on sale today for Lekan Babalola's #EboUKTour CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  Nigeria's first Grammy winner is also an Ifa Priest! The irony, Lol...... Read more about Lekan Babalola and find out about his Grammys (yes , two)

Adire Festival in London! 6 August 2016

Let's promote our own beautiful and handcrafted Adire textile design, the glut of Ankara fabric at every African show is so uninspiring. Adire designs are traditionally a cool and serene indigo with symbolic significance that can be matched to