Yoruba Festival of Spirits

Yorubas " annual Egungun festival is a centuries old Yoruba tradition, and one of the most colourful cultural celebrations in West and Central Africa." - BBC News The festival revolves around the Egungun – a hidden fellowship of people who

I’m not the devil. I’m Exu

 The Esu Is Not Satan campaign has been on for a few years now. Here is a contribution from our Yoruba kin in Brazil, with a bit of insight into the characteristics of Esu according to Candomble tradition. I'm

Araba Elebuibon on Taboos and Hypocrites

  Yorubaland’s foremost Ifa priest, actor and also the Araba of Osogboland, Ifayemi Elebuibon recently turned 70 and gave an interview to Tribune newspaper . He spoke on the origins of his name, the circumstances around his birth ,