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Two wrongs don’t make a right! Egungun attack fasting Muslims..

“You will recall that this same Egungun masquerade worshippers had earlier in the year 2013 attacked the same mosque and the worshippers therein. It has therefore, become a routine action of these masquerade worshippers to attack Muslims and their mosque in Ikun-Ekiti in the name of celebrating their Egungun Festival”- Alhaji Sanni, President of the Muslim group .

UK Yoruba Dates For Your Diary

Our (as in the one we love , not the one we OWN) yearly Yoruba Arts Festival now has a date for 2017. It's always a great day out. Lovely park, lovely atmosphere, food, music , and hoards

Yoruba Rain & Wind Festival

  The joint celebration of Alafere, Oya and Ijugbe festivals attracted a huge crowd of participants from within and outside Ile-Ife last weekend. The Obalejugbe of the source, High Chief Abiodun Akinrefon, and the Ooni were present at the ceremony

Blue Beads From Yoruba Yester Years

Remarkable scenes as Elegbe devotee prepare to embark on the annual  pilgrimage to the river.    Those prominent  blue beads are segi beads, made by Yoruba since 8th century, still in production today using local sources of glass and the