Trinidad Celebrates Obatala Day ( Photos )

Obatala initiates, Pierre Verger   Trinidad's Obatala day is here again, and there are  beautiful photos of the procession already. Scroll down for the best photos ! And from a Trinidad newspaper , an article about the spirit behind the festival    "For the past

Ojude Oba Yoruba Islamic Festival

Ojude Oba is simply yoruba flamboyance at its most ostentatious . You can trust the Ijebu people to go hard or go home. Yoruba in general have a flair for dramatic outings peacock style whether it's Egungun or Ojude

Do Yoruba Kings Dance?

Fallback Image

  This King does, and quite well too! Iku baba yeye....!!! Kaaabiyesiiii. At the grand finale of the 2016 Egungun Festival this past Saturday , HRM Oba Adeyemi treated the crowd to a rare spectacle!