Siri for Yoruba

Yoruba Name Dictionary folks have a message for everyone. They are trying to build a Text To Speech application for Yoruba. . To have a chance at survival in the coming years , minority languages must cross the

Yoruba meanings of Lagos Place Names

Whatsapp is a necessary evil which under the avalanche of trivia and storage munching "funny" videos and memes turns up the  occasional treasure : This message on the meaning of Lagos names came in the middle of the night. "Checkout

School Assemblies in Yoruba

  In order to prevent Nigerian culture from been eroded, Lagos State Government yesterday directed schools in Education District 1 to conduct their Thursday Assembly sessions in Yoruba language, a mother language for the state, just as it launched

Yoruba system of communication (Continued)

Some Aroko, as the Yoruba symbolic method of communication was called, did not involve a messenger. These would be placed by the initiator at a specific location relevant to the message.         So the picture below, what time did the