When Ikole celebrated its unique attributes

When Ikole celebrated its unique attributes NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog) Oba Babalola said: “Before the people were led by two descendants of Oduduwa, Peepe and Imodorin, to settle at Upole Asin, where they lived for several decades. They had

Is Alaafin Still Muslim?

Is Alaafin still Muslim?   If he is, then  the foreign religion seems to be losing its grip on our foremost Yoruba ruler. Here he is taking a swipe at 'received religions' including Islam: “Yoruba land is at a critical juncture, today

All the Ooni news

Our handsome young King is generating headlines daily. If you haven't got "Ooni Fatigue" yet, catch up with them here.   Premium Times Sleep with Ooni's ex-queen, die prematurely — Ifa Priest Premium Times An Ifa priest, Yemi Elebuibon, has declared that any