Some Good Egungun Documentaries

The top result on Amazon search for literature on Egungun costs £72. And while Youtube is awash with Egungun videos that are free for those with time to sift through varying video and sound qualities, ( you also

Behind Oba Akiolu’s anger

Was he angry at the Ooni or was the Ooni an unfortunate victim of his anger? Judge for yourself   Though someone said they lip-read Eleko and he said " ba ara e da soun jo, ma ki mi" meaning

Siri for Yoruba

Yoruba Name Dictionary folks have a message for everyone. They are trying to build a Text To Speech application for Yoruba. . To have a chance at survival in the coming years , minority languages must cross the

Yoruba Couple of the Year

  Beautiful ❤️ photo of an ageless couple found on Facebook. No names or ages with the post except that they have been married 53 years.   Adire Sarongs- Beach wear /**/

Erin wo….

Fingers reluctantly type about the death of a Yoruba titan. Dipo Famakinwa has joined his ancestors. Before he left, he made his mark, but who will carry on his work? He was the Director General of DAWN Commission.

Ifa Priest and Grammy Winner

Tickets go on sale today for Lekan Babalola's #EboUKTour CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  Nigeria's first Grammy winner is also an Ifa Priest! The irony, Lol...... Read more about Lekan Babalola and find out about his Grammys (yes , two)