Some Good Egungun Documentaries

The top result on Amazon search for literature on Egungun costs £72. And while Youtube is awash with Egungun videos that are free for those with time to sift through varying video and sound qualities, ( you also

Yoruba Cakes

 Not Akara (fried bean cakes) or Moin Moin ( steamed bean cakes). These are actual flour, eggs,sugar, butter and  beautifully iced cakes.  Yoruba Cakes is based in Mexico and like any other bakery it serves cupcakes, decorated cakes, desserts and

No Deity Like Mother

The Yoruba diaspora chatter about Beyoncé and or as, Osun has been deafening. Continental Yoruba reaction has been a lot more muted. Perhaps being more used to seeing watered down or embellished versions of Yoruba culture from descendants