About Yoruba Traditional Medicine-Names and Spirits

Names and Spirits Several local names have been used to describe Traditional Medicine Practitioners  in Yoruba land, and these include Olosanyin, Elegbogi or Oniseegun  as well as Babalawo.   Although Oniseegun and Oloogun are used as synonyms, they are distinct

Yoruba superstitious fantasy?

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  "The vast majority of people interested in Orisa spirituality are just looking for superstitious fantasy to engage in as a form of escapism from reality. This was encouraged over the last 500 years as the Yoruba fell in

Yoruba Cold Remedy

Cold , flu , catarrh , cough , amodi imu, iko̩, whatever you call it,everyone has got their own go-to remedy. Orogbo ( Garcinia Kola) and Atare (Aframomum Melegueta) are native to the West African forests, and can be

Meet a Babalawo

We don't remember medicine until we are ill.  It's the same with our  Yoruba medicine , many  don't remember traditional medicine until Western medicine fails them.  To be fair, there are just as many or maybe even more for whom