Eku Ọjọ́ Ìsẹ́gun ! (Happy Tuesday!) Ọjọ́ Ìsẹ́gun has the position of Tuesday  in the Yoruba weekly calendar. Hoping everyone had a  delightful and  restful break and festive season.

“An Omoluabi is a person of honor who believes in hard work, respects the rights of others, and gives to the community in deeds and in action. Above all, an Omoluabi is a person of personal integrity.” – Omoluabi: The Way of  Human Being-  Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, PH.D.


The Omoluabi Gallery of  December 2015

David Oyelowo  of Selma fame became an OBE, the untiring  Yemisi Jenkins was made an MBE, Obama appointed Adewale Adeyemo as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Treasury, and Bukola Oriola was made a member of the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. She wrote a book about her experience of being trafficked to the United States .  Femi Oguns is currently making news as a leading British agent who gave the world the Star Wars star John Boyega .Made an MBE in 2014, Femi Oguns  is also an actor famed for his role in the film The Good Lie.

Femi Oguns played the role of Theo
Buki Oriola’s book on her traumatic personal experience



A Question of Religion.

imageHanukkah, Mohammed’s birthday and Jesus birthday were all celebrated  close to each other in 2015, the Shiite and Sunni muslim conflict burnt hotter, and shamefully a bi racial Yoruba child has become the ISIS mascot. Inevitably conversations everywhere turned to religion, but Yoruba traditional religion which offers a sanctuary from the Abrahamic religions is also not without controversy.

The Yoruba religion is different in the Old World of Nigeria, West Africa than in the New World of the Americas. The difference is that the basic fundamental concepts have been largely misinterpreted in the New World. The mysticism has been overshadowed by the occultism. Basic misconceptions result from this. In the Old World it has not been forgotten that the aim of the mystic or priestly orders is not to dwell upon occult powers but to seek the divine essence.”

Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts

It is said that the differences in the practice of the Cuban  & South American vein  of Yoruba Religion, and the  Yoruba religion in the Yoruba homeland is causing division. Both groups allegedly vie for supremacy and validity over the other. As a result of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and of Colonization , the practice of Aborisa diverged into different streams  according to the location of the practitioners. Orisa functions and realms changed or evolved led by what was important to the devotees and also the religious climate they lived in . Currently , during this period of the revival of the Yoruba Traditional Religion, the hope is that an arrangement is agreed where all the various factions are validated and equal. Let’s bring divisions to an end.


In other news…

Characteristically Yoruba with his  acerbic retort, OLAMIDE  the blockbuster artiste who performs his  Hip Hop art completely in Yoruba, shot back an explosive response to a sarcastic comment made by a fellow artist at an award ceremony. His Twitter  outburst birthed a new and trending slogan in the Nigerian community worldwide #LeaveTrashFor LAWMA.



Yoruba proverb of the day

Àgbà tí yó bú ọ́mọ́de fi èébú-u rè to̩ro̩ . Translation : An elder who insults a youth makes a gift of his own insult. (Only those who show respect for others may expect respect in return.)

Sipping my cup of Ooni of Ife tea…. 🙂 Yes, thats right a blend of tea has been named after the Ooni of Ife. Visit Selfridges to buy a tin for your home. Don’t ask me how much…..










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