“His Imperial majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi today laid an unprecedented achievement in the history of Yoruba race as he paid an unscheduled visit to Alaafin Of Oyo, Oba Olayiwola Adeyemi at his palace to join him in celebrating his 45th coronation anniversary on the throne.”


Procession of traditional priests escort the Ooni’s vehicle into Oyo

“Speaking at the thanksgiving service to commemorate the anniversary, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi though uninvited emphasized that is upmost agenda as he enthroned the seat of his forefathers is to unify all Yoruba sons and daughters across the nation all over the world.”

Lining up the way for the Ooni

“Oba Enitan in his quest to unite Yoruba nations said in his words, “I am here today though not invited but as the Arole Oduduwa, the onus is on me to felicitate with all sons and daughters wherever they are and to show my solidarity for any of them”.
”I am ready to damn any consequences or insinuations from anywhere; my mission here is to preach peace among nations of Yoruba both home and abroad and I am ready to work with Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Olayiwola Adeyemi to project the unity and love which we believe is existing in days of our forefathers.” Ooni said.”

His Majesty Ooni Ojaja emerges from his vehicle

“Ooni of Ife who was accompanied to the 45th thanksgiving service of Alaafin by over 100 monarchs across all Yoruba land believes that with the support of all Obas in Yoruba land, there will be unity in Nigeria and by extension their will be unity and peace all over the world. “Oduduwa is father of all nations and his spirit abides by all us as the symbol of thie progenitor.
Earlier in his speech, Oba Olayiwola Adeyemi expresses joy with the presence of Ooni and all Obas in yorubaland, maintained that if every monarch in the Yoruba unite , there will be a tremendous progress in Nigeria.”

The historical embrace

“This special visit was done last in March 1937, that was the first time the kings in Yorubaland met in Oyo town and today history was made with the visit of Arole Oodua Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II and I feel delighted to host you and to reassure you that I will be ready to work with you”.
“I have a tight relationship with Ooni Adesoji Aderemi and I did not want to relent my bound with any Ooni of Ife that assumed the post but everybody has his own little differences”.

The Royal celebrant and his Royal brother

Rt, Rev, Titus Ilori Omoniyi, the bishop of Oyo Diocese emphasized that the unity among Yoruba nation will bring progress and development and this will lead to unprecedented progress to all nations.
“Ooni has made an unforgettable visit in history of yorubaland and I laud your 11 points which centered on youth empowerment programmes and cultural drive and implore all obas to emulate the Arole Oodua, Enitan and drive away poverty and crime”

Historical truce


Earlier in his sermon, Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Methodist Church Nigeria however pray foor Alaafin successful reign in Oyo town and pray for journey mercies to Ooni nof Ife and the over 100 monarchs that followed him to grace Alaafin’s thanksgiving service
He appealed to all the followers to embrace peace as the Lord Jesus Christ symbolizes peace and tranquility.
In his own Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu said he was on shock with the unscheduled visit of Ooni of ife and Arole Oodua. It is a great day for all Yoruba obas and all Yoruba nations”.
This phenomenon is epoch with the presence of all the royal dignitaries in attendance because I have never seen any event where this large number of obas were present at a time”.


The beautiful young wives of Alaafin Oba Adeyemi

The event was later rounded up with a grand reception at the palace of Alaafin of Oyo while the two monarchs went in for a closed door meeting which lasted for about20 minutes and in reciprocating the kind gesture done by Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi escorted the entourage of his august guest to the major express road that links Ibadan and Oyo town.


Among royal fathers who accompanied Arole Oodua includes Orangun of Ila, Ajero of Ijero. Timi Of Ede, Akinrun of Ikinrun, Olu of Yewa, Alara of Aramoko, Oore of Otun, Alayemore of Efon Alaye among others.

Comrade Moses Olafare
Director Media and Public Affairs
Ooni’s palace



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    I , Ogundekun Omisakin Orisagbemi ,an Ogun devote from Trinidad & Tobago would like to CONGRATULATE The Ooni on His Coronation and to very much welcome the GOOD NEWS of His unification visit to Oyo along with His large entourage and on which He uttered His UNIFICATION MESSAGE TO ALL YORUBAS (at home & abroad ).
    I also need to state my great admiration for The Ooni’s works and plans for future CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.

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