The  sprawl of interlocked mountains that shield the town of Idanre defensively is amazing even to regular visitors, and breath taking to first timers. The Idanre mountains in themselves  are  an amazement, and it  is said the name  Idanre was borne out of the amazement of Ife soldiers sent to pursue a  son of Oduduwa who absconded towards Ile Ife with the crown following the death of his father. The soldiers were amazed when the prince  disappeared into thin air on one of the hills. (Idanre means “this is a wonder”) .



Idanre was founded on the mountains as a refuge from the raging wars in Yorubaland  . Oke- Idanre the original settlement sits on a plateau several hundred meters above the valley floor.



Wole Soyinka’s poetry Idanre and Other Poems published in 1967


The Maré (meaning ‘don’t fall’) Festival held for the 7th year running on December 16th 2015. The festival  celebrates the dark brooding mountains  and caves of Idanre as  a time-frozen tourism haven and featured an early  morning marathon, raffle draw, mountain climbing competition ,traditional dancers, and musical performances. It is a modern festival, and there is a call for more involvement of the local population in future Maré Festivals.









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