This Fuji artiste with a masterful command of Yoruba and English chose music over a career in the US Navy-

“I went for the exams and they were highly impressed,” he began. “So, they said they would put me in the nuclear section and they gave me $100,000.”

They also offered me a house with a zero down payment. The offer was so likeable but I had a re-think about it and decided it was not what I wanted. I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t regret the decision in the future.

I left Chicago and went to New York and eventually I came back home to do my music. I do not regret the decision today,’ he said.

Saheed Osupa was born Saheed Akorede Okunola in 1969  into a family of musicians and came into the Fuji scene as a teenager.

Fuji is a popular Nigerian musical genre. It arose from the improvisational Ajisari/were music tradition, which is a kind of music performed to wake (Yoruba) Muslims before dawn during the Ramadan fasting season – Wikipedia

Saheed Osupa
Saheed Osupa




Watch the video below and listen to rich Yoruba folklore and lyrics rooted in moralism





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