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The Ooni of Ife wants you to know that it is safe to visit Ile Ife. Safe to live and safe to do business.

The Ooni has made it clear that God Himself resides in Ife, calling on Ife indigenes abroad and away  “there are many Ife sons and daughters who the land has blessed but they abandon their roots.”

“some are making money in Ife, yet they don’t contribute anything to its development, rather they take their monies to Ibadan, Ilesha, Lagos, London and America. The Almighty has restored Ile-Ife’s glory and we must not let it go dim. So many people of Ife origin have refused to come back home and this is why we are making concerted efforts to put many things in place to attract them”

“They say there are witches in Ile-Ife that kill children, or that if they establish businesses at home, witches won’t allow them to prosper. There are no witches here that will disturb anybody anymore. They now want to have money and send their children to school too.”


Ile Ife
Ile Ife

Read  about the Ooni’s meeting with Ife Klub 1  during which  he spoke out Sunday March 6 2016.



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