The  flaming cockscrew etches sharp affinities

(No dream, no vision, no delirium of the dissolute)

When roaring vats of an unstoppered heaven deluge

Earth in fevered distillations, potent with

The fire of the axe-handed one


Wole Soyinka in the  above excerpt of his  poem  Idanre speaks here about Sango, the Yoruba deity known for thunderstorms, lightning and whose adherents honour him with fire eating performances.

It’s a pleasure to see school children being encouraged to dramatise aspects of Yoruba history. The students of Ibadan Grammar School present Sango in a fire eating display in the following photos.


Sango alliance francais7


Sango alliance francais4

Sango alliance francais6



Sango alliance francais5
Sango alliance francais8




Learn the popular facts about  the Yoruba deity Shango in this video

Video credit : Hidden Black History’s Channel

Photos kindly supplied by Khalid Ayanshina of  the Afrikambo dance group



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