They commemorate their warrior ancestors who fought against slave traders (Video)

Epe Eebi Epe Festival




This 20 minute documentary takes you through Epe town, to look at its thriving fish industry , chat with the Oba and also see the Eebi Epe Festival which is celebrated yearly to remember the town’s battle against slave traders. To skip the intro and go straight to the festival, fast forward  09:00 minutes.


Epe, town and port, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria; it lies on the north bank of the coastal LagosLagoon and has road connections to Ijebu-Ode and Ikorodu. A traditional settlement of the Ijebu people (a subgroup of the Yoruba), it was established by the mid-18th century as the chief port (slaves, cloth, agricultural produce) for Ijebu-Ode (17 mi [27 km] north-northwest), the capital of the Ijebu kingdom.- Britannica 



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