“The vast majority of people interested in Orisa spirituality are just looking for superstitious fantasy to engage in as a form of escapism from reality. This was encouraged over the last 500 years as the Yoruba fell in a downward spiral away from civilization due to the chaos of the slave trade. People were so fearful and did not know what to do that they opted for fantasy escapism over the hard work of practical spiritual application to secure their civilization.

The fact is that IFA: Yoruba Scientific Spirituality is really a practical science of life that has no magic spells, fortune telling divination, or other romantic forms of escapism. It teaches to deal with reality, not escape from it in fantasy realms of magic rituals, wizards, fortune telling, etc.

Knowing that only a minority of people interested in Orisa spirituality respect it as a practical form of life improvement and not fantasy superstitious escapism, I often grow sad and feel like I’m wasting my time. I then asked the egungun why are they forcing me with a destiny to work so hard for free to help a people whose majority don’t want to help themselves.

The egungun replied by reciting a Yoruba proverb.
It says, “Even when your enemy seems to be killing you and hope has all but left, the ram of Sango never gives up from fighting with the utmost perseverance.”

Within each of us is Sango. The ram. The fire. The thunder. The never ending Will to fulfill our destiny.”


This rings so true especially when one considers the advancements and orderliness of Yoruba life in the 10th to 14th centuries, in comparison with the last 500 years. We as Yoruba speaking people of the West coast of Africa need to return, not to the ways of ancestors of the chaotic times , but to the ways of our ancestors before them


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