Ketou, Republic of Benin and Ketu-Ejirin, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria are several thousands of miles apart. But both are Yoruba towns. And both have kings as head of the traditional political structure. Confusingly they are both titled Alaketu of Ketu. First, the Alaketou of Ketou, Bènin.

The Alaketou of Ketou, Republic Of Bénin, Oba Alayeluwa Alaro Alade-Ife.
The Alaketou of Ketou, Republic Of Bénin, Oba Alayeluwa Alaro Alade-Ife. As an Oba whose lineage can be traced directly to Oduduwa, the Alaketou is entitled to wear the Yoruba Adenla crown on special occasions.



Next, the Alaketu of Ketu-Ejirin, Lagos state

Alaketu of Ketu, Epe, Nigeria - Oba Adegboyega Adefowora
Alaketu of Ketu-Ejirin, Epe, Nigeria – Oba Adegboyega Adefowora


To make things even more interesting, there is a challenger to the Alaketu of Ketu-Ejirin throne, who it was said never took up the role when it became vacant due to the tragic circumstances of his father’s death, and now wishes to claim his rightful place as Alaketu of Ketu, despite the fact that his first cousin now fills the position. He recently stormed the palace, and the ensuing pandemonium reached the newspaper headlines – Two Alaketus in Ketu

Prince Jide Adefowora


Altogether that makes THREE Alaketus floating around on Google searches. Finally, until her recent passing there was  an Alaketu in Brazil, who also comes up on Internet searches.

Olga de Alaketu or Mother Olga– (c.1925—September 29, 2005) was a prominent Candomblé Iyalorixá, who was influential in promoting Candomblé and distancing it from Catholicism.

A fifth generation descendant of the royal house of Aro in modern Benin; Alaketu served as Iyalorixá of the Ile Maroia Laji temple in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, one of the oldest Candomblé temples in Brazil. Her temple attracted many prominent people including the writer Jorge Amado, and the French anthropologist Pierre Verger. When the Ile Maroia Laji was declared a national heritage site, Cultural Minister Gilberto Gil said of Alaketu:

“In the last forty years, we can consider Mother Olga as the greatest proponent of the religion of the Orishas in all Brazil.”

Alaketu died in 2005, and was buried in the Bosque da Paz Cemetery. She was succeeded by her eldest daughter Jocelina Barbosa Bispo (“Jojó”). –   May she rest in power.







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15 thoughts on “Will the real Alaketu of Ketu please stand up?

  1. Well, in the case of the late iya Olga, ki iba e! she’s not an ‘Alaketu’ (even she could be of royal bloods of the Aro lineage). She was the iyaloosa of the ile oosa called among religion people ‘Alaketu’. I don’t really know if this Aro connections is due to the link with the Aro family or due to the connection to Osoosi, Arole Aro.

    By the way, there are some dissident opinions on the direct link of the Alaketu to Oodua. Now there’s no question about that, but it may happen that in early times this bridge wasn’t so clear.

    There’s a very good piece on Ketu, Save and Idaisa kingdoms called The Frontier States of Western Yorubaland, by Biodun Adediran. I recomend it.

    1. Thanks very much Oduafunmi for tyour clarifications and the receommendation. I will be sure to check that book out.

  2. In as much as we all understands the rulings and traditions, I wouldn’t for once blame the present Oba in Person of Adegboyega ( Cousin) because immedietely after the previous Alaketu was murdered! He the rightful Prince ( Jide) was forced out of the Country by the mother after the tragic incident that occured to her husband, am not a stranger to the stories because am also from Ketu and proudly from one of the Royal Family.

    I have never been in support of the Installed Oba presently named Adegboyega but even if the main Prince ( Jide) wants to attain his late father’s throne, he shouldn’t go with force. No one is interested in the Adegboyega Era because he has been so stagnant and surely staining the rich history of the throne as a first class. He is just on that throne as a figure head. You would be amazed Coming into that town and been told there is actually an Oba on throne!! He shouldn’t use force. When he is truly ready we will work with him! But if he continue going by force? It’s up to him

    1. Prince jide can never be king….. no way! His a fraudster and a lie….. he is not fit to even rule my sitting room talkless of ruling a community…….

  3. Prince jide will never be the king of ketu…. he is a fraudster and a complusive liar….. he cannot even rule my sitting room talk less of ruling a community…. what he is good at doing is getting young girls pregnant and forcing them to have a abortion…. if you don’t carry on with his instructions, he threaten to hurt you and he then denies the pregnancy…. he will never be king…… long live the king that is there now…. he will live long to rule his people.

  4. Jide Adefowora is such a sheep in wolves clothing to be honest…. I have never met such person that pretends to be who his not. Is a bit scary the type of people we associate our selves with this days, we just have to be careful…..jide dated my friend for three good years…. he manipulated her, used her finically, even the car his driving at the moment was given to him by my friend…. jide Adefowora got my friend pregnant and then all of a sudden he denies being the dad to the child…. he went behind her back and secretly got married because of his desperacy to become a British citizen….I think such human are not even meant to be on earth, his not worth being called a human being talkless of a king! Jide Adefowora is a big liar, correct 419 man, he believes so much in black magic, very fetish! The world truly needs to know the type of person he truly is…. his one dodgy man that looks for young vulnerable girls that he can lie to and use them for his own selfish reasons to benefit himself and his family…. pls lets stand up to people like jide Adefowora!!!!!!

  5. May it never be well with jide Adefowora for the things he did to my friend…, his karma is going to be sweet!

  6. The comments posted to this blog article are those of the blog readers and do not reflect the blog author’s views

  7. I know this man jide…. I thought he was a good man! Shows u that you should never judge a book by its cover….. he seemed like a nice person not knowing his a wolf under sheep skin…..

  8. Why are human beings so wicked! The least he could do is own up to his child….. and he wants to be king with such attitude????

    1. No wonder why his been fighting for a kingship title over 12 years…… my dear jide adefowora it is time to give up….. Nasty people like you don’t get no where in life.

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