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Beautiful Yorubaland & A Mystic Historical Yoruba Movie

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Enough about the coastal Yoruba land. Have you been upcountry? Thats the real gold mine of Oduduwa. These photos below are from the Erin Ijesa waterfalls . Pure delight…


erin ijesa fall3


Isokan Omo Yoruba describes it thus:


“Erin Ijesha (Olumirin Waterfall) in Osun state is not only a site to behold, it’s also one of the wonders of the world.

Amazingly, when you arrive at the falls, it doesn’t look like anything out of this world until you begin climbing the seven levels of the ascending plains of the waterfalls.

The view at all the levels is wonderful and the freshness of the water is energizing. However, the last and seventh level is definitely the most intriguing, well that’s if you ever dared the torturous climb.

For most tourists and fun seekers, climbing up to the third level can best be equated to traipsing the snowy steeply mount Everest. Obviously, being at these different levels and just basking in the invigorating freshness of the falls is an unforgettable experience, but guess what?

The place to be is definitely the seventh level. Why? Not only does it lie at the peak of the falls, it is also hosts a settlement where many of its inhabitants have lived for several years.

Apart from the beautiful site, present at the Erin Ijesha Water fall are also fresh water prawns which belongs to the infraorder Caridea family, Atyidae and genus Caridina (biological terms). “



Surrounding mountains. Wow…




erin ijesa falls

Photo credits to Lekan Wasiudeen of Libra TV


I love these type of photos, honestly i don’t know why everybody mills around Lagos so. Its hot, dusty, noisy, polluted etc etc. I love Lagos, but in small doses, ….



Because I love Yoruba movies with historic mystic themes and beautiful upcountry  Yoruba land scenery , I have been directed to watch this movie called Alaafin Oosa.

Heres the intriguing description “What is the story behind the Oriki of Alaafin..’Omo Iku, omo Arun?’ This Epic movie, delivered in best quality, will unravel it. This story by Ola Hafis, written by Sharafadeen Olabode and directed by Seun Olaiya will glue you to your seat till the end. “,

Oriki is the special Yoruba name following a traditional  format which is given to a newborn and  describes the circumstance of their birth. eg Aina, was born with the umbilical cord around her neck; Ojo was born feet first, Abeni  was long sought for , so was Abebi, Ajike awakens to loads of pampering, Akanni is the first born son etc etc…Oriki, is also  the panegyric name/title/verse that every Yoruba family or noble person has, but unlike the birth one , it is sometimes given or changed according to certain events

So the Yoruba movie Alaafin Oosa will attempt to explain to us  how  an Alaafin of the famous Oyo Empire got the unpleasant sounding Oriki  ” Omo Iku, Omo Arun” ( child of death and disease)

From the short clip i saw Alaafin Oosa seems to have good English subtitles ( which I don’t need, but all  of my friends that watch Yollywood movies with me do),so we are good to go 🙂

An excerpt of the movie below. Full version here on Youtube





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