Dr Oluyinka Olutoye, and his partner Dr Darrell Cass of Texas Children’s Hospital successfully delivered a baby at 23 weeks , removed a tumour from its coccyx, and put the baby back into her mother’s womb to grow to term. The baby Lynlee Hope was later born healthy by C Section  at 36 weeks.


I like to celebrate happy events like this because it shows us contributing to science alongside other races.  This article about Lynlee Hope being “born twice” from Daily Mail was very warmly received judging by the comments, but quite unlike the Daily Mail, the Africanness of a major participant in the story was hidden. Perhaps because it is a positive story and not  a crime .

Video of the operation below . You can clearly see Dr Olutoye as he performs the surgery

Read the full story with details of the operation here

Recently in the news Dr Tamika Cross made the headlines for exposing Delta Airlines racist treatment of her. Following outrage from people everywhere the hashtag #whatadoctorlookslike rode on Twitter for a few days, to show the airline and its crew the many varieties that doctors come in. Its necessary for us to celebrate successful people of African heritage in order to reduce  racist misconceptions.





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