Iku Baba Yeye! Alaafin Kabiyesi Ọba Làmídì Ọláyíwọlá Adéyẹmí III was 78 over the weekend. Alaafin is the one Oba that has most contributed to the preservation and dissemination of the Yoruba traditional religion and the understanding  of imọlẹ̀ / òrìṣà in general, within Nigeria and also outside of it…

Famous photos of the Alaafin below:

img_4595 img_4596 img_4597

img_4603 img_4604 img_4605 img_4606 img_4607 img_4608 img_4609 img_4610 img_4611 img_4612 img_4613 img_4614 img_4615 img_4616 img_4617 img_4618 img_4619 img_4620 img_4621 img_4623 img_4624 img_4625 img_4626 img_4627 img_4628 img_4629 img_4630 img_4631 img_4632 img_4634 img_4635 img_4636 img_4637 img_4639 img_4640 img_4641 img_4642 img_4643 img_4644



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