According to news reports , the Adire community in Kenta , Ogun state is calling for state government help, and these are the reasons why:

  1. The cottage industry  has largely been abandoned.
  2. A revitalization of the cottage industry and establishment of cloth factory would reduce the cost of production and make it easier to do business.
  3. And would provide more jobs to the people of the state.
  4.  Their stalls and shops had been demolished for the expansion of the road in the area.
  5. They face customs problems whenever they go to buy materials, especially cloth
  6.  And also struggle to access water and raw materials 

Adire, our native Yoruba indigo hand dyeing art,  is regaining popularity but as with all other indigenous traditional industries, it needs a boost in the form of government infrastructure and initiatives, and in the form of patronage. 



Michelle Obama in Maki Oh Adire 


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