Naira will plummet to  N800 for £1.  Facebook Live will sell products further. I must keep working on my business because there’s going to be a recession. I must stop messing around with business and get a 9 – 5 because there’s going to be a recession.  Forget Christianity, all the pastors are going to be exposed soon. Choose an alternative spirituality, choose Yemoja. Choose Osoosi. Decisions, decisions…. Plannng for 2017 involves making decisions on information I don’t yet have. 

And then I stumbled on a friend’s Facebook post (below),  just as these yet to be made decisions and so many others were crowding my subconscious and clamouring for attention regarding 2017. Now I have one more decision to make: 


Shall I get a reading? 


To be honest, the questions I really want  answers to, I’m too scared to ask anyone. I may not even admit them to myself. I think that would be the coolest thing, if I could get a reading that answers  questions I’ve not dared to form even in my own mind..

But do I really want to know what’s going to happen in the future ? I’m still battling with the present, would it do me any good to add things that haven’t happened yet?

Maybe if I could get some guidance on how to respond to various situations, without telling me what  actual situations might come up,  I think I might like that.

Ikin – Photo credit : Ajagun Herbs


I’m seeing more and more articles, posts about Ifa divination both from within and outside the Yoruba homeland. Dropping into my email, timeline and even on Pinterest.  It’s exciting to see our ancient ways coming to the fore . 20 years ago, if I’d been a little curious I would first have to find a trusted someone to take me to their Baba in Osogbo. Thank God for technology, and FaceTime saving me a flight to Nigeria if I do go ahead and decide to have a reading.



As 2016 is fast approaching its final days, many are contacting me wanting to cleanse and usher in a new year on the right path and a positive energetic vibration. I’m offering consultation sessions with opele or eerindinlogun (ifa chain or 16 cowrie shells) for $40 during the final days of December as well as the entire month of January.

Whether you’d like ebo to cleanse away the old or divination to guide you during 2017, you can make an appointment to have your own consultation in person or in absentia. I’m taking appointments, so call to make you own.

Call 786-529-1611 or email [email protected]

May the year come with positive transformation.



What’s it all about anyway ?

Well, instruments used for Ifa divination are:

  • Ikin – 16 palm kernels 
  • Opon Ifa and Iyerosun divination tray and powder 
  • Opele – divination chain


  1. Depending on choice or situation, either Ikin or Opele is decided on. Marks are made on the tray according to the configuration/manipulation of the ikin, or opele.
  2. The binary or numerical outcomes of the Ikin/Opele, as marked on the Opon Ifa,  determines which specific Odu or chapter in the series of Ifa texts (which all Ifa  priests commit to memory as part of their training) that is picked  
  3. The  reciting of the appropriate “Odu” text  told in the chapter (of which there are 256) indicates the reading of the client as well as the guidance to be given or sacrifice to be made.


Quite straightforward  really. It reminds me of something I tried in the 90s called the I-Ching . I even had a book. What’s a Yoruba girl doing with Chinese divination abi? Well, that’s what WH Smith were selling then, LOL..


Anyway, happy holidays everyone . I might share some of my divination in a post in the New Year. Ire o! 

Opon Ifa – Photo Credit : Yoruba Traditional Woodcarving



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