It’s one of the most iconic Adire patterns, the osupa (moon) or cycle of life pattern, modelled below as part of Ade Bakare’s Ready to Wear collection.

The Osupa (moon) pattern or Cycle of Life pattern is created by the hand dyeing Yoruba method of ” blocking the dye from reaching the surface of the cloth known as Adire. This is done by painting or stenciling with a starch such as cassava paste, or by tying or sewing knots and seams. This spiral pattern, called oni kereewu or “seeds of cotton,” was made by tying the cloth into very small knots” in a circular pattern.

The result is a giant never ending circle of smaller circles pattern  on Indigo Dyed fabric.  The creative possibilities are endless.





So, the  online one stop shop for Yoruba textiles and accessories wants  you to know that they have brought back the vintage indigo osupa pattern and it’s available to purchase now for your sewing and craft projects.




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