The Ooni of Ife His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, President of Ghana, His Excellency,Nana Akufo Addo and Former Prime Minister of Barbados Arthur Owen are expected to join Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, other members of the Royal Family, Commonwealth Secretary General and other leaders of the Commonwealth as Special Guest Speakers during the this year’s Commonwealth Day Service and Commonwealth Africa Summit 2017 where “Leveraging our Commonwealth Heritage for economic development and collective growth” will be at the top of conversations during summit slated to hold from the 13th – 15th March 2017.

In line with the yearly history of the rich tradition of Commonwealth celebration which is geared towards the promotion of mutually respectful cultural values of all member states, Ooni Ogunwusi will be involved in a number of events to include the Commonwealth Day Service and the Commonwealth Africa Summit slated to hold from 13th to 15th March 2017 where the African foremost monarch is expected as a keynote speaker and a Special Guest of Honour to lay wreath at the Memorial Gate in remembrance of Africans who died in the 2nd world wars.

As the Arole Oduduwa and Spiritual Leader of all Yoruba people at home and in Diaspora, His Imperial Majesty who will during his 2week visit to the UK meet with the multitude of Yoruba subjects residing in the country will be hosted by members of the British Parliament business leaders to discuss mutually benefits in cultural, economic and educational collaboration and partnerships.

He will also visit the Old Royal Palace of Queen Elizabeth I at the Hatfield House where he will decorated as the promoter of African Culture in modern Europe with a performance of MOREMI stage drama by the Elite Royal College of Mundon.

Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II will dedicate part of his schedules to meet with Nigeria High Commission heads, Nigerians-British Mayors(past and present), Local Councillors, business professionals, the youths who are global players in their fields of endeavours.

He will also be sitting as the Royal Distinguished Guest of Honour during the 2017 annual CANUK awards and dinner event aimed at recognising high achieving Nigerians in the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth Africa Summit 2017 activities will begin with a wreath laying service in honour of those who were lost to the 2 world wars and will be followed by a Service at the Westminster Abbey in the Presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and other Royals.

Her Majesty will host the Ooni, other Commonwealth leaders and eminent individuals in attendance at a dinner reception at Marlborough House as part of the activities to celebrate the Commonwealth Week.

The Summit business activities will begin on Tuesday 14th March with an Opening Plenary and close with a Dinner on Wednesday 15th March in Westminster.

The 2017 Commonwealth Africa Summit will be attended by government leaders from across Africa and the Commonwealth in addition to business leaders from all member states. At the 2017 Commonwealth African Summit, prominent leaders will deliberate on the theme ‘from Shared Prosperity to Collective Growth’ – one that promote prosperity and secures Africa’s future. Issues such as energy and power, Africapitalism, trade and investment, sustainable livelihood, child rights, counter insurgency and terrorism will be discussed and lasting solutions proposed.

Other activities lined up to mark the Ooni’s 2week from 11th to 25th March 2017 are as follows:

*Special press interview with The Times, Economist and The Guardian

*Meeting with the Mayor of London

*Business Leaders Luncheon with Chambers of commerce leaders

*Meeting with Nigerian Mayors and Councillors(past and present)

*Meeting with Nigerian professionals at the Nigeria High Commission

*Visit to the British Museum to engage in the tour of “The Kingdom of Ife Archive” and other Artefacts

*Church service with the Head of Church of England – Archbishop of Canterbury

*Lecture at Oxford University with Oxford African Society

* Meeting with the Traditional priests in Diaspora

*Cultural celebration and Gala receptions with Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Yoruba, Yoruba Federation Egbe Omo Ile-Ife, and other dynamic cultural groups

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Comrade Moses Olafare;;
Director of Media and Public Affairs,
Ooni’s Palace.



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6 thoughts on “Ooni’s planned visit to the United Kingdom

  1. It was my understanding,that once a person is crown Ooni of Ife,he is not about to leave the Palace any longer.
    I understand that this one is a young one but It seems to me that he is showing a unusual preference for traveling and for participating in Christian Services.
    For a person that love and practice Ifa but was not born under the Monarchy system is hard to understand this kind of behavior.

    1. hmmmm Lucio, the times are a-changing. Obas now travel o. Wrt Christian services, he seems to have toned that down a bit. He means well and has so much good intention for the Yoruba world, also he appears to take some criticism on board, so we must give him a chance

      1. I understand that times change,that is why I believed there is no need to reinvent the wheel again.We know what had worked in the past and what had not worked,For instance
        Saudis Net 16.5 Bil from pilgrims to Mecca
        The Vatican Bank (God’s Banker)net another big sum of money out their Tourism
        Those money maker organizations designed its system this way and is fine with me.We all know the results:Corruption,Nepotism…etc
        Are system of believed does not have embedded this love for money.Progress,economic development should come trough other means..

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