Celebrating International Mother Language Day this year with a Yoruba book launch! Come and eat Amala with Yoruba Awareness Foundation this February in SW8 London .

Don’t leave getting your ticket too late. It is gradually going. What we don’t want to do is sell ticket at the door. We like to be well prepared for our valued guests so that attendees can be thoroughly satisfied and be glad they attended.


What do we have waiting for you:
Arrive 3-4 pm for tete-a-tete and be welcomed with hot sizzling ‘Akara’ with choice of plain or akara lightly seasoned with pepper to taste, washed down with drinks as welcome canapes, while you mix with other guests, making new friends and probably striking new business and social alliances.

Formal launch event starts after 4pm leading on to 6pm when we are sure everyone will be looking forward to begin to tuck into the main dish of the day, AMALA AND ITS VARIOUS RICH ‘ORISIRISI’ STEWS ACCOMPANIMENT.

Don’t eat too much of the Akara snack if you arrive early, because it can be filling too.

Tickets £10 single, £18 couple, available through the following outlets:
Website: www.yaf1012.com log on to pay pal from website check out as guest if you do not have a pay pal account and we shall contact you within 24hrs of purchase to confirm ticket postage. Postage is free. Alternatively, phone numbers on flyer below. (Click thumbnail to view)



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