It beggars belief the current trend on Social Media particularly Facebook, within the Nigerian community – the Yoruba people based in the USA, UK and Ireland. One tends to think where did these Nigerians come from? How did they get into the countries mentioned? In fact, the Nollywood industry could not have written a better script than the saga going on which involves two main Arrow Heads –

Esabod, Abike Jagaban Ghaba,   Oluwabukola Jesse Yeye Mesho, Folashade Olatunji, Ademile Bakray, Lafunky, Kudirat Adunni Dolapo Alowonle, Detola Aduke, Naomi Oduntan Byass JP, God’s Will, Paul Dammy, Angelic Brown, Wine Oriadeoja, etc. who had brief ‘performances’.

One has to start the ‘play’ with the main ‘actress’ – Esabod (aka Esther Tokunbo Ashabi Aboderin. Also known as ‘Ovularia’, Opalori’ – christened nicknames by her arch rival – Abike Jagaban) who believes that as a ‘Blogger’ she is the moral crusader with the right to destroy other people’s lives by revealing their shenanigans, with a special interest in adultery. Yet, here is a woman who confessed to being sexually immoral before she suddenly decided to ‘virginalise’ herself due to her newly found spiritual life. Who does she think she is that she has to meddle in people’s private businesses? Not only that but to fabricate stories with the intention of creating permanent defamation on the person’s character and professional life!

Esabod started off very well, a very likeable character which earned her many fans due to her intensive knowledge of ‘roots and herbs’. She was (and still is up to a point) a no-nonsense individual with a ‘motherly’ persona which her fans and ‘haters’ admired. However, the laughter and the jokes (too many nicknames she gave to her ‘haters’) slowly began to fade due to her incessant abuse and curses to anyone she deemed to be against what she does or makes comments on her perceived ‘haters’ Facebook walls. By her own admission, she publicly declared that she was a ‘fallen angel’ which later on became the justification for people to assume she was indeed the devil incarnate! It took several months for her to realise the biblical interpretation of a ‘fallen angel’.

Due to her age, ’55 going 60’, she can be forgiven for not having the full understanding of the expression. Here is an educationally challenged woman but still has native intelligence to outsmart her rivals who are ‘more’ educated than her. Unfortunately, who are no better than her for their constant ‘assassination’ of the English language – which can be summed up as ‘ranting and ranting’. Esabod can also be forgiven for being forgetful as she definitely is menopausal, again, by her own admission. Could it also be because of her loquacious nature, forgetting that people download her videos for future reference? Could she blamed for drawing unnecessary attention to herself when she publicly announced how much she was making from blogging and You Tube videos?
Evidently, she thrives on chaos and very vindictive! Once she is fixated on someone, she hardly let go like a Rottweiler! She claims to have moved on since her ex-husband, Gadaffy (also known as Abudu, Prince Niyi Oyewole) left her 13 years ago. However, the level of bile she spews out, is an indication that she certainly has NOT. How much money does she have that makes her vilify people? Few seem to understand that underneath the bravado, she is a very depressed woman who only gets ‘happiness’ through destruction of other people.

One is reminded of her once slandering rival, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, who had a face-off with her and she brought down 200 of Esabod’s videos on You Tube. She abused Kemi to the point of insulting her parents – former Governor of Oyo State – an extremely intelligent man in his 80s, not sparing his aged wife. Social Media was inaundated with the public spat as Esabod tore into Kemi’s family including fabricating letters supposedly from Governor Olunloyo’s second wife, Ronke. The level of abuse was appalling. The worst aspect was Esabod taking photographs of Kemi’s children particularly the first one, Enitan, a lovely autistic child who was trying to make a life for himself. Her third and last born schooling in Ibadan did not escape the abuse. Esabod called him an imbecile! Esabod falsely defamed Kemi by stating that her father impregnated her! Appalling accusation! She also accused Kemi’s mother of killing the house-help’s child who allegedly was pregnant for the Governor! Defamation of the highest order! Yet the Olunloyos maintained dignified silence because Kemi had in the past, also ridiculed her family members with series of demented statements, audio and video recordings. No wonder neither Kemi’s friends nor family members came to her defence to dispute all the FALSE allegations.

Enter a non-participative ‘actor’ – Kolade Idowu Animashaun (aka Baba Olosanyin) who has been subjected to constant abuse but never responded publicly to Esabod. The unforgivable was committed when Esabod brought in his estranged children into the lone war (Esabod seems to fight imaginary figures). She alleged that Kolade abused his daughter giving details of their address, name of the child and mother. The mother who is said to be estranged from Kolade should have taken a legal action against Esabod, whether or not the allegation was true, because her public proclamation went on for several months on Facebook Strangely enough, Esabod seems to forget all the abuse against other people’s children when it suits her. She will even lie and starts swearing, forgetting that the videos are in the public domain.

For the record, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo was NEVER charged with any criminal activity in USA but was deported from Canada for non-renewal of her stay. She was also one of the most brilliant Nigerian Pharmacists in the state in which she lived at the time. It goes without saying that Kemi has mental issues and Esabod should have faced her squarely without involving her family and children.
Esabod should be ashamed of herself that she constantly craves unnecessary publicity by causing contention on Facebook. Her behaviour at times demonstrates jealousy as she regards the younger ones who have recently started video chats as rivals. Why instigate her fans to fight other people on Facebook? Recently, she tried to elicit money from her ‘enemies’ such as Infinity in exchange for the alleged audio recordings he made. This act of extortion incidentally is tantamount to BLACKMAIL! This is an offence in Irish law – Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994. In her crafty manner, she says the ransom is all a joke. As usual, Esabod’s way of escape from the law is to feign mental illness. It is unspeakable to know that even professionals would get involved in this atrocious mess! Rather unfortunate that those fuelling the problems on Facebook are those ‘Omo Ewe’ who call her ‘Mummy’! For a 55-year old, it is rather sad! Esabod craves attention and believes the younger generation who are busy building up their own fan base should constantly pay her homage, forgetting that they are ALL STRANGERS ON THE CYBERSPACE! Esabod should get a life and act her age. Respect is earned and NOT demanded. Esabod is another Kemi Olunloyo who both hail from the same town, Ibadan in Oyo State. Strangely, both suffering from delusions of grandeur. She should just concentrate on her Herbs and make people laugh as she used to. Blog but do not destroy people’s reputation with fallacy. Enduring fame is not built on other people’s misfortunes or damaged reputation! If you can dish it out, you have to learn how to take it! Esabod, you are a lovely lady and very caring mother. It is evident for all to see that you are gifted. Concentrate on your calling and avoid detractors.

Abike Jagaban Ghaba (aka Orikan body, Headmistress) – made a mistake of revealing her friend’s (Jibike) secrets by making several audio tapes which has earned her notoriety. She has tried to reinvent herself but unfortunately, Esabod would not let her forget the past by constantly reminding her of betrayal. Esabod, suffers from selective memory syndrome, needs to be reprimanded that by so doing, she is creating conflict in Jibike’s marriage. Abike is the ONLY PERSON who can face Esabod. She is what Esabod was to Kemi Olunloyo. Law of Karma! Abike has potentials but needs to turn around her negativity to positivity. She has the gift of the garb which she needs to convert to good within the Yoruba community. If indeed she is still waiting to regularise her immigration status in the UK, then she clearly is not clever because her combative attitude might just be nemesis for her. With revelations of Infinity’s treachery, she is strong enough to stand on her own. She should limit her interaction with him or any other member in her ‘gang against Esabod’ and create her own niche on Facebook. She does not need to copy Esabod. She has been very loyal enough to Infinity. It is time to move on, focus on her career and family.

Oluwabukola Jesse Yeye Mesho (aka Eyinacho, Eyinachi, Ambali, etc.) – what a treacherous human being! Despite the support of Folashade Olatunji, she left her to be totally ‘gorged’ like a Spanish bull by Abike Jagaban Ghaba. She continued to leave derogatory messages on series of Facebook Walls including cursing Kudirat Adunni Alowonle despite the fact that she knew that Kudi was an in-law to Folashade Olatunji (although now ex). After being ‘dentally’ abused by Abike, Jesse retreated into her shell but kept up with her betrayal. She is a fashionista and should just continue with her partying and loving herself. It is high time she reinvented herself.

Folashade Olatunji (aka Muniru) – she certainly has learned her lesson in a very big way. One does not fight a battle which is of no concern to you. She listened to her mother and made peace with Abike, quite magnanimous of her. She should just forget the Women Empowerment programme. She certainly does not know the meaning. The programme was established on the platform of slandering other people by conniving with Buky Jesse, who has since deactivated the WhatsApp group they formed. Her first video chat was based on slander which involved Tope and Lady Polo Dee. Therefore, Folashade needs to have another programme suitable to her character, if she believes she has to be heard. She is not thick-skinned as she always wants to exonerate herself from every negative comment referencing her, posted on Facebook. She needs to face her business – Eloquenza, her child and partner. The advantage of this fracas is that her business is now well known within the Nigerian community.

Ademile Bakray (aka Infinity, So Bata, Ademilekan Akanni Adegoroye, Prince Ademile Collins) – messed up big time! The only man involved in the saga. No man should behave in the way he has! Despicable act of recording people without their consent. It is illegal in the UK. He unfortunately brought unnecessary attention to his estranged wife, Funmi (aka Agape Love) and his muse, Oladoyin. What was the point of the recordings? Why put so much faith in a human being, Lafunky – someone he had never met? Terrible! What did he stand to gain? Could it be that a diabolical act took place which made him commit the abominable crime? It was admirable to see him supporting his wife during their shop sales. How many men would do that? Unfortunately, he has destroyed every ounce of respect people had for him by recording unsuspecting friends. Time to repent and mend his ways.

Lafunky aka Arewa Esther Funmi Akinyemi (aka Erewa Esther Funmi Akinyemi, La Betrayal, La Fake, La Peace) – what a friend! What a betrayer! How could she have done all these? Is this what peace is all about? If she really wanted peace but felt others did not want it, all she needed to do was to walk away from everyone – unfriend them on Facebook. There was no basis for submitting the audio recordings to Esabod if not to cause rancour between all parties and use Esabod as a platform to launch her own video chat, aptly entitled ‘Iriri Aiye’. Her part in this whole saga is good enough for different episodes of the show. According to another Esabod’s ‘victim’ – Angelic Brown – the recordings were as a result of phone hacking. If so, phone hacking is a form of surveillance, and illegal in many countries unless it is carried out as lawful interception by a government agency. In the UK, phone hacking is an offence under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. The summation on Lafunky’s part could indicate that she and Esabod are in the same spiritual caucus. Some people would think that Lafunky did it to avoid her personal life being divulged on blogs. It cannot be anything worse than leading adulterous life. What else is new? She already said it during her video chats that it was no big deal to swing from one man to another. Lafunky should just remain in her domain in the USA. One wonders if she was desperate to have friends living across the Atlantic was the impetus for her betrayal. She should just concentrate on being a ‘nice person’ as people claim and continue sending her emojis on several Facebook walls.

Kudirat Adunni Alowonle (nee Yesufu – aka China Baby, Ali Express) – amazed that she is truly married with children. She cannot wait to start her video chats once she gets back from church, never minding if her family has eaten! Irresponsible behaviour! One has to admire her strength despite the constant bullying from Esabod. It is time for her to concentrate on her law degree programme, if indeed she is still studying. She should forget practising law with all her atrocities on Facebook. It is good to see her happy despite all the abuse but should not take her husband for granted. People have labelled the seemingly loving husband as a simpleton. Whatever his personality, his simplicity should not be taken for granted because one day, he might just have enough of all the abuse and decides to take advice of friends or family and abandon Kudi. Kudi should just focus on her family and stay happy.

Detola Aduke (aka Oloyan Triangle) has demonstrated maturity by keeping to herself. She should remain peaceful and continue with her video chats even though they are not for the pious. God’s Will (aka Akagon) and Dammy Paul (aka Luigi) should concentrate on their preaching. Others like Wine Oriadeoja (aka Ebora) and Temitope Victoria Mark (Esabod’s once close friend who wants to protect her children from the brouhaha) have gone quiet which is admirable, same with Angelic Brown, Naomi Oduntan Byass JP (aka Olomu Meta) – whose self-esteem could have been destroyed but rose to the challenge and now studying for her PhD. Other Esabod’s victims too numerous to mention but have decided to ignore her. Easier said than done but ignoring Esabod is the best medication for her madness.

Lastly, it is the Adetoros – Banke and Akeem – who should be commended. Despite all the abuse and salacious stories from different quarters, they refused to join issues with anyone. Esabod recently travelled from her base in Ireland to London to visit them in their shop. In spite of all her tactics to elicit information from them, they maintained dignified silence for which they have won the admiration of many Nigerians. They should try to mend fences with Infinity but given the recent revelations, to be very cautious.

In summary, it is very pathetic that these people engaged in slandering each other on Social Media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Blogs and Snapchat are Yoruba people. Disgraceful! Strangely enough, 99 percent of these ‘players’ have NEVER met in person! Some are not even Facebook Friends! It is a shame that these people never for once thought that they were damaging the reputation of a whole tribe and at worst, a country! Did they ever stop to think that the creators of these social media platforms are very young people in their 40s? So many Nigerians are engaged in diverse businesses and professions which make us really proud but unsung heroes and heroines. It is therefore ridiculous to see some crass individuals using profanities, all in the name of cracking jokes as if they are street urchins. One ponders how they were given visas to enter the UK, Ireland and the USA!

Another annoying aspect is how these individuals keep going to various police stations to report each other. Definitely, the police are no longer interested. Also, petitions against each other. The impact of these silly petitions is that in future, Nigerians would not be taken seriously on any petition they wish to start for worthy causes. The cyberspace is meant for everyone to do their own thing as they deem fit. No one is the boss for others to pay homage to. No doubt, the hecklers contributed to the furore. They derive joy from the slandering, trolling from one Facebook wall to the next. Left to them, the war on Facebook should never end.
The best solution to this saga which surpasses any Holly/Nollywood soap opera is for everyone to ignore some of these ignoramus. By so doing, some will stop earning money on their various social media platforms and soon stop the catfights and be forgotten. For those bullied, they should confront their bullies. Did these ‘players’ ever think of the impact of their actions on their own children? If the melee does not stop, it will lead to severe consequences such as demise, deportation or imprisonment of one of the characters. As for the peacemakers, it is utterly wrong to use archaic traditional approach to settle disputes where the younger person is not allowed to explain his/her own grievance. If an ‘elder’ fails to live up to expectation and misbehaves, the younger person should not be expected to first apologise particularly if the ‘elder’ is the one who initially created the conflict. Respect begat respect.

Lessons learned for everyone not to trust anyone or fight other people’s battles. Face your bullies squarely for there lies strength.
Thank God, there are still many serious minded Nigerians including Yorubas in the Diaspora, campaigning to have an enduring engagement with the Federal Government of Nigeria, in pursuit of national development and sustainability. Other Nigerians in Diaspora are at the pinnacle of their careers in different professions and vocations, particularly those in the medical field, saving lives – giving Nigerians noble and global recognition. Now back to watching the real Nollywood movies and promoting the industry.

Yoruba R’onu (Yoruba People, time to think and change your ways).


 The above irate message found its way to the Yoruba facebook page and is duly being shared here, as  I’m guessing that was the objective of the person who sent it to us. We are very helpful like that.
What’s your opinion of these goings on? I feel that they are all very entertaining, I mean…if Kim K could get rich and famous off a sex tape, what’s a few abusive words and verbal reports of shameful scandal? No publicity is bad publicity they say…. 
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