Missing Lagos? There you go! Thank me later

Lagos has changed beyond compare, and yet some things remain the same. When I was still a tweenie, we used to live near a bus stop in Suru Lere and wake up to agbero’s calls for customers. ” Yaba, Yaba, Yaba!” Sound track of a Lagos childhood. CNN made a video of Lagos sounds. Yaba is still a popular bus stop….


A not so rare experience in those days was catching sight of masquerades on the streets of Isale Eko the length and breadth of which I roamed bare foot in the 70s. I was always entranced like the other kids especially by Igunnuko, entranced and terrified at the same time. How could they get so tall and so small? And dance at such speed? Without getting caught in the telephone overhead wires?

Do Igunnuko still come out in Lagos? Or have the Muslims and Christians chased them to the hinterland?

This watercolour painting of Igunnuko by Akintunde John is for sale. Memories….



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