Was he angry at the Ooni or was the Ooni an unfortunate victim of his anger? Judge for yourself


Though someone said they lip-read Eleko and he said ” ba ara e da soun jo, ma ki mi” meaning “get out of my sight, i don’t need your greeting”  It’s hard to believe he could have been so rude?? To the Ooni? No….






Support for Ooni

There’s been an outpouring of support for our humble Ooni with many blaming Oba Akiolu’s fiery temper and former life as a policeman for the unbecoming behaviour.

People went and dug up unflattering photos  allegedly of Olowo Eko when he visited London and was eating on the streets to prove their point about Eleko’s supposed lack of decorum.

Here’s a picture of Olowo Eko in all his splendour. This is not to endorse his behaviour but Ooni gets so much airtime it’s only fair that we show some nice photos of the Eleko. Could be why he’s so angry with Ooni self!


Ooni partly to blame?

So many reasons were proffered, from Ooni’s lateness to the event to his lateness to attend to the Ife crisis





Igbo people living in Lagos, being his old foes, had their day with Eleko, until they remembered the lagoon




Ranking matters

And of course when things like this happen, the usual ranking debates flare up. Which king is greater , whose throne  is paramount , who’s (now dead) ancient pre colonial empire was greater etc etc. That will rage on for a few days before fizzing out…

Whatever the reason though Naija internet is agreed , Olowo Eko erred in his treatment of our humble Ooni, some are demanding a public apology,, even the Ooni’s Media aide spoke out. We are all protective of our handsome young spiritual leader, we want him to do right , he is learning and doing his best, so nobody should try and intimidate him.



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