Grey Parrot


There are many varieties of birds in the universe created by the Creator,but there are some certain sacred ones that are significant and revered by the Yoruba people.the birds are sacred and special in various ways and thus make them to be different from other birds. One of these birds is a bird named Parrot. It is called Odidere by the Yoruba people,it is also widely know as Ẹyẹ Ayekọoto. This bird is a special bird with many beautiful features and brilliant charateristics that makes it different from just any other bird.

The yoruba people named it Ayekooto which means (the world reject truth) because they believe the bird is strictly a bird that say nothing but the truth. Legend has it that during the ancient times in the time of myth,animals including birds speaks and understand the language of men. And it is believed till this day that ODIDERE OR AYEKOOTO still retain this special mystical power to speak,hear,and understand the language of human. Because of this special features,Odidere is a well popular bird among the elite birds and it retains its place as an ancient bird that is still relevant till date in this present century.Odidere as a bird is a classic bird and can master any word spoken and also has the retentive memory of repeating what has been said in the past to its owner.

This bird is also used to deliver message by the ancient yoruba people,and some till date. This special abilities makes Odidere to be a bird for royal places. In forest one can easily see other birds like pigeon,sparrow,dove and even hawk. But to see this bird named Odidere you will have to go deep into the thick deep forest because it is not a common bird,and even the nest of this sacred bird is hardly seen by people.Odidere is seen mostly in palaces and royal gatherings as a welcoming pet. And it is used to cheer people up with it ability to master words and speak any word that has been mastered by the bird through mimicking.

Apart from the mystical ability to speak,Odidere is also know for its beautiful feathers that comes in special flashy varities.The colors are well mixed and it makes odidere a colorful looking bird among other birds. Odidere is a sacred bird that lives in the hole of a huge tree and the egg of this bird is not seen by people. It is even the belief of the Yoruba people that the egg of odidere is a sacred object that can not be seen by a mortal,and thus make it so rare to be seen in open places.the feather of odidere is used by royalty and it is a symbol of the elite.there are many sacred and beautiful birds,but Odidere which is also known as Ayekooto is a symbolic special bird that combines its beauty together with its mystical attributes.


Written by Shola Ola.

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