By Shola Ola

Over the centuries the Yoruba nation has produced some iconic people that would never be forgotten,nor their names  ever be erased from the history books. This set of legends dedicated selflessly their entire life for Yoruba nation and the upliftment. The sacrifices they made all through their lives are what the present generation are gaining massively from and all their artworks and books of histories are what the coming generations would gain enormously from. Among these legends is our own very noble  Pa Adebayo Faleti. Upon reading the news of his passing, as a yoruba bornI felt emotional even though he was well aged (86years) until his transition time. Many things runs through my mind of how great loss this would be to the Yoruba nation, because Pa Adebayo Faleti is one of the solid pillars(Opomulero) of Yoruba history. And he is one of the few that we could point to as a person with great wisdom and knowledge of the Yoruba culture and tradition.  He improved many lives with his  works and artistics.He spent the great part of his life to promote the yoruba cultural values.

Baba Adebayo Faleti

Multi Talented

He was so versatile – great journalist, poet, playwright, film editor, author, actor, writer and he was  famous with his language translation skills.  Indeed he was a man loaded with multiple gifts which he used until his transition day to serve and promote the Yoruba nation and its people.

He was a renowned journalist in his prime time, taking up top management positions at the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State(BCOS). And was also the Film Editor and Librarian at the National Television Authority(NTA),Ibadan Oyo State.

Born in Oyo

He was a pure son of the great Oyo town. He was born in Agbo Oye in Oyo State to the family of Pa Joseph Akanbi Faleti. His hard work and passion started  from his early stages of his life,where he had to work for a half dozen of years in order to further his education to the secondary level.which after he proceeded to study French and Civilization in the University of Dakar,Senegal.he came back to our own University of Ibadan to complete a degree in English two years later.

In 1971 he also attended Radio Netherlands Training Center in Hilversum,The Netherland. He was also an old student of the prestigious Ibadan Boys High School.

Translation work

Our dear Pa Adebayo Faleti was responsible for translating the Nigeria  Nation Anthem from English to Yoruba language which we all sing and enjoy today.  This is a great work and service that has been savoured and would continue to be enjoyable even to the coming generations. He also translated speeches as well notably translating the speeches of the then military head of state General Ibrahim Babangida and chief Ernest Shonekan head of interim government of Nigeria from English to Yoruba Language.


He acted in so many movies,preferable historical movies.and these are movies that has significant historical and mythological meanings to the Yoruba culture.some of the movies he acted in are Saworo Ide, Agogo Ewo,(Thunderbolt)Magun,Basorun Gaa,Afonja and many more. He is also famous for his Yoruba Literature and Arts which will be greatly missed.But he has many of his works in books that can be get online and in libraries around the world.he has numbers of unpublished Yoruba works which might be published in the future. He has a work,much like a dictionary of the pronunciation of Yoruba names. Some of his writings and books includes Alagbara Ile ati Alagbara Oko,Ijamba Odo Oba and many more. He is a poet and also have works on Ewi. Ewi Adebayo Faleti is part of his famous Ewi which is in series.


Published work & Oyo  Operatic Society

Pa Adebayo Faleti is contemporaries with legends like Pa Hubert Ogunde,Duro Ladipo,Ade Love and many more.One of his work and award
winning book is a book titled Eda Laropin…which received Festival of Arts honour in the years 1995.he his widely known for his stylish way
of wearing his Yoruba cap(fila)

He single handedly formed and founded the first operatic group in Oyo in 1949 and called it Oyo Youth Operatic Society. He is one of the very few reliable people that the young Yoruba historians and students run to when there is distorting and fallacy in the histories or culture misappropriated in the Yoruba nation. And he has countless times given accurate and authentic records of the true histories of Yorubaland.He is a softspoken man,and he is a joy to watch in his movies.he is as real as he is in the movies and in real life. He is known for his tribal marks that fit perfectly to match his iconic look,this made him a legend for the Yoruba nation.

His final day

On the day that he passed on, after the morning devotion, he said to his son Adeniyi that he has prayed to God to send someone to continue his
mission,as home is calling him and that he has tried his best and he is longing for home. That is to let us know that iconic people such as our Pa Adebayo Faleti always know when its time to transit and pass on for someone else to continue from where they have stopped.

He is gone from this realm of flesh into the realm of spirit, having dedicating large part of his life and work for the promotion of Yoruba Culture and Tradition. He will be remembered for his selfless works and commitments that has brought the Yoruba nation more glory and honour. And also for role in helping on so many hard nuts to crack situations concerning the truth in most yoruba histories.He will be greatly missed, because he was a role model and a mentor unto many. He is a son of the soil(ojulowo omo Oduduwa),a husband and a father not
just to his biological offsprings,but to all Yoruba born both home and abroad.

Legends they say never die,because they live on and their great works and legacy will always continue.


Written By Shola Ola.

THE FREEDOM FIGHT by Adebayo Faleti

“First published in 1958 to coincide with Nigeria’s independence, The Freedom Fight is the only notable example of the Yoruba in revolutionary novel and the longest novel in the Yorb  literary corpus to date. Set in 19th century traditional Yoruba land, it tells the story of Ajay¡, the idealistic chieftain’s son, who begins to revolt against the injustices of slavery and feudalism. After a long struggle, he eventually wins freedom and independence for the people of Oke, signalling the beginning of the end of feudalism in Yorubaland.”

Shola Ola’s Education Fund Appeal

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